Mitt Romney in Atlanta: Blah blah blah

Mitt Romney passed through Atlanta a couple weeks ago to buy some votes with free hot dogs. For about 15 minutes, he said almost nothing of substance but your standard GOP platitudes, and he made no effort to differentiate himself from other Republicans -- just kept pointing out how he's not Clinton, Obama, or Edwards (well DUH).

I only offer up this video I took of the event (and frequently injected commentary) as a mid-afternoon humorous distraction from GonzoByeBye and VickSorry overload, if you're in need of a break. The glaring, grammatically challenged typo on the "Georgian's for Mitt" [sic] banner alone is worth a look. But that wasn't the only thing making me snicker; Romney himself delivered plenty of funny-if-they-weren't-so-sad brain ticklers himself, including my favorite: "We don't want the cost of the uninsured to be borne by all of us; we want people to pay their own way."

Yeah, I'm not sure how people who can't afford insurance are supposed to pay for insurance, either.

On to the video...

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A tribute to his shockwave through politics

This past weekend, we all heard of the crowd Barack Obama had.  He mustered 20,000 people to come together to listen to him speak in Atlanta.  Something we didn't hear is the fact that of those 20,000 people, a lot of them have probably never been to a political event before.  

When people signed up for tickets, Obama's campaign screened names and found whether people were registered to vote.  If people aren't registered to vote, they have to register before they can come.  Half of the people, 10,000, registered to vote.  

Just to note, this is nine months before the first primary, and he registered 10,000 people in one event.  This guy can bring voters out to turn seats all over the place on a local, state, and federal level unlike any of the other candidates are showing they can.  The responses he gets with some events are nothing short of amazing given how early these events are.  

To see a short video of this event: tlantarecap

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!Ay Carramba! Georgia Republican Runs From Immigration Debate HE SCHEDULED!

Dios mio!  Georgia Congressman Tom Price, was a no show for a district immigration debate HE scheduled.  Even worse, he sent his Campaign Manager to LIE and say he was meeting with war veterans, however, he was photographed shaking hands at a community forum up the street. rumors/tom-price-liar-liar-liar

Despite Price's no-show, Democrat Steve Sinton and Republican challenger John Konop held a spirited debate on immigration, education, the economy, gas prices, and jobs. and

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