Well it's Sunday morning on a beautiful fall day here in the land of the brave and the home of some free, and the field is still troubled about this Iraq war. There was a time, when I told my self that I wouldn't write about it anymore, because it gets me too emotional to write a lucid post. I get emotional, because my brother in law was blown up by an IED while on patrol in Baghdad, and while his wife was pregnant with his now 14 month old daughter. He still hasn't been able to really hold his daughter because his hands are so f#%&d up. Now he sits in an Army hospital in San Antonio, Texas almost two years later, still getting skin graphs, and physical as well as emotional therapy. So this war has been personal for me, and I suspect that it has been this way for at least 23,000 American families as well.

But this is not why I write this post. War is hell, and when people sign up as soldiers they expect that bad things might happen. What I don't think the soldiers expect when they join the armed services, is that their commander the thief will send them off to war for solely political and ideological reasons. This is what frat boy and the neocons did with Iraq, because make no mistake, this war was not about protecting America against terrorist, this war was about settling old scores, setting up a Western style democracy, and being able to control the oil, and other natural resources that may flow from the Middle East. Like when have we ever cared if people are suffering in other parts of the world enough to go in and invade their country to save them? If you want to save someone frat boy, how about starting with the people of Darfur? [200,000 slaughtered and counting] But I digress. So this war, this trumped up FAUX NEWS produced war, has done nothing to stop the war on terror, and has done nothing to improve our standing with the world community. In fact, the last time I checked, the NBA sized man with the beard was still running around with a 30 million dollar bounty on his head, while he and his organization continue to make more videos than Janet Jackson.

Now there is an all out civil war in Iraq. [Sectarian violence civil war, what's the difference?] with no end in sight. And now, even my spineless homey, Colin Powell, admits that this was a mistake, and he in essence lied to the U.N., when he made the case for war. Of course there were no WMD's and frat boy and his crew knew it all along. But it gets worse, because not only did frat boy and his minions try to tell us that there were WMD's in Iraq, but they tried to tell us that Sadaam had something to do with 911 as well. Now they have since tried to reverse from those comments because of irrefutable evidence to the contrary , but listen to Darth Vader's [AKA Dick Cheney] speeches, and time and time again he makes reference to Sadaam and state sponsored terrorism, and thus, by implication, 911 and the nineteen hijackers. News flash, those guys were Egyptians, and Saudis, which the last time I checked, has given more to Al Qaeda than Sadaam ever did. None of those hijackers were Iraqis; and Americans, to our credit, are starting to realize that frat boy and his crew were lying to us all along.

So here I sit at my computer, lamenting on the faith of others like my brother in law, who lost a piece of their bodies, shed their blood, and in some cases lost their lives in a god forsaken country in the Middle East. Where the people don't want them there in the first place, and they wonder every day, just what the f%^k are we doing here? I Will tell you what they are doing there, they are there to promote a political agenda, and fund a war machine to satisfy defense contractors who gave lots of money to get frat boy elected. For those you who don't believe me, f%^& you, I don't care, this is my opinion, and until someone can show me different, this is what I will believe. Sorry for the anger, but it pisses me off when I think that people here at home are still being killed by record numbers due to a drug culture that won't go away. And our schools are still failing, while many programs are being cut. And not just any program; proven programs like Head Start, and other after school programs. Federal programs that ear mark money to the states for child support enforcement, and crime prevention. Even programs for first responders, the very people that should help us in case of a terrorist attack are being cut. These are the types of programs that give people quality of life here at home, yet sadly, they are being cut to fund this war. We are worried about Al Qaeda threats, yet, by ignoring the basic human needs of our citizens, we are creating terrorist every day. Because make no mistake, the animal that executes five of his drug rivals in a crack house is a terrorist. The thug that car jacks a seventy year old lady in a mall parking lot, gun butts her, and leaves her for dead, is a terrorist. The SOB that rapes a thirteen year old girl at knife point is a terrorist, not to mention the animal that is HIV positive, and goes around having unprotected sex; yes he is a terrorist too. Is it any wonder that black folks even more than whites, do not support this war. We don't understand why we are over there fighting for some ideological agenda, when real f&^%d up sh# is happening in our neighborhoods every day. We are not buying into this notion that they Al Qaeda bogyman is around the corner to get us. We have other bogeymen in our neighborhoods that we have to worry about on a daily basis. Yeah we are in a war with terror alright, and the real terrorist are the ones setting some of these policies that are hurting our communities, and ignoring the real threats in the world. Folks do you know who Francis Fukuyama is? [His name describes perfectly what I want to tell him]He is one of the original neocons who signed the founding statement of that now infamous group. Which included people like Rumsfeld,Cheyney,Wolfowitz,Libby,Feith etc., who are war criminals all in my book. Anyway, these geniuses lobbied Bill Clinton as far back as 1998 in an open letter to go to Iraq. Now Mr. Fukuyama calls Iraq "a base for jihadist terrorist,with plenty of American targets to shoot at" and regrets his previous position with the neocons. Well f#%k you, it's too late for that now! I told you I couldn't write about this war in a calm lucid manner. OK field, take a breath....OK I am better now.

I just hope people vote this November, [yeah I know I have been on this vote kick lately] because these are serious times. Don't for a minute think that frat boy's disciples won't be voting, they will, and they will try to win these mid terms, to steal a quote from my man Malcolm; "by any means necessary". Already they are outspending the democrats by two to one, and they have also decided to go negative with their campaigning. So you figure it out. And it's not only the Republicans, vote out any democrat that you think supported this war for political expediency as well. -insert Hillary here-But just vote. Do it for those who died before you to give you the right, do it for your communities, do it for your families, and on a personal note; do it for my brother in law.

Finally, I would like to say thanks and throw out some mad love to the fellows and young women who serve in Bravo Company 1088 Engineer Battalion of the 256th Infantry, as well as some love to all the soldiers who are recovering at Brooke Army Medical Center, in Fort Houston, Texas. You all deserve our love and you have it.

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Army being cannibalised for Iraq: where are the Dems?

A rescued Kos diary pulls together recent stories with a consistent pattern: the rocket scientists at the Pentagon are methodically stripping US military installations of their funding to bolster the abortion that is Iraq.

There have, of course, been stories of a similar kind coming out virtually since we were told that the mission was accomplished.

Such that even the bloated emergency appropriations bills that have pretty much sailed through Congress have been light by - how much? Hundreds of millions? Billions? Tens of billions?

Which brings us to the $64,000 question: why haven't the Dems been making a Federal case of it?

Surely, this is the perfect chance for them to

  • stand behind the US forces; whilst being

  • 100% opposed to GOP policy.

So - where are the Dems on the issue?

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A List of Female Dictators



By: inoljt,

One of the phenomenons of the twentieth century has been the rise of the dictator. Dictators rule countries undemocratically and usually until death, crushing the opposition. Unlike the kings or emperors of old, these men generally don’t have any family linkage with previous rulers.


Notice the gender-specific word “men.” All dictators have been male, without exception. A woman has never ordered the army to crush nascent protests against her authoritarianism. Nor has a woman ever led a coup to overthrow a democratically elected government, replacing its rule by her own.


As the above examples indicate, dictators are generally strongly linked with the army. They generally rise through the army and enjoy its support. There is no institution more heavily dominated by males in society than the army; indeed, until recently the very concept of a female soldier was unthinkable (and still is in many countries). Thus the lack of female dictators.


There are, however, a number of women who have come pretty close to being dictators. Here’s a list, and it’s quite interesting:


Indira Gandhi



Indira Gandhi (no relation to the most famous Gandhi) ruled as Prime Minister of India during prolonged periods from the 1960s to the 1980s. She came to power as the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru, an independence hero, governed India as the head of the Indian National Congress during his lifetime. Congress was and still is the dominant political party in India. It had and still has a nasty habit of nepotism. Since Indira was the daughter of Nehru, leadership of the party fell to her.


As leader of India, Indira Gandhi did many good things and many bad things. Economically speaking, she seemed to be more in the business of giving poor people fish than teaching them how to fish.


But Indira Gandhi is most famous for her State of Emergency. In 1975 Indira declared a state of emergency, giving her dictatorial powers. Civil liberties and democracy was suspended during The Emergency. Opposition leaders were arrested. A controversial family planning program was put in place, which led to many Indians being unwillingly sterilized.


In this sense Indira Gandhi, although elected democratically, was dictator of India for two years.


Fortunately for India, Indira Gandhi ended The Emergency in 1977. She proceeded to hold elections, lost them, and to her credit stepped down. Indira Gandhi would later return to office. She was assassinated by Sikh bodyguards after taking controversial military action against Sikh militants.


Jiang Qing



Jiang Qing was a dominant figure in Chinese politics during the Cultural Revolution and immediately after Mao Zedong’s death. She was the fourth wife of Mao Zedong, and the only one who played a political role.


At first Mao promised that Jiang Qing wouldn’t be involved in politics, and for a while he kept that promise. During the Cultural Revolution, however, Qing rose to power. She generally took a hard-line stance on policy, opposing for instance economic reforms and determinedly prosecuting her political opponents. She was widely disliked.


Shortly after Mao’s death in 1976, Qing lost power. In 1981 she was prosecuted as part of the “Gang of Four,” scapegoats for the excesses of the Cultural Revolution, and spent most of the rest of her life in prison.


Elena Ceaușescu



Elena Ceaușescu was the wife of Romanian Communist dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, who ruled Romania during the latter period of the Cold War. Like Jiang Qing, Elena Ceaușescu gained political power and political positions during this period. However, she had far less influence; unlike Qing, Elena Ceaușescu never directed attacks against political opponents.


The Romanian population widely hated her. In the 1989 revolution, Elena Ceaușescu attempted to flee the country with her husband. She was caught, subject to a show trial, and shot.


Imelda Marcos


Like the two individuals above, Imelda Marcos gained her power through being the wife of a military dictator. Imelda Marcos was the wife of Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled over the Philippines from the 1960s to the 1980s. Like Elena Ceaușescu, Imelda Marcos used her position to gain power and political positions. She was quite infamous for her collection of shoes and for the fortune she gained during the dictatorship.


However, Imelda Marcos wasn’t as disliked by Filipinos as the two previous individuals listed. After the fall of the dictatorship in 1986, Imelda Marcos went into exile. She returned in 1991 and started a political career. Today Imelda Marcos is a congresswoman in the Philippines House of Representatives, where she last won 80% of the vote. It’s doubtful that Jiang Qing or Elena Ceaușescu could have won an election anywhere in their respective countries.




There’s a pretty obvious pattern here: all the female “dictators” listed above gained power through family connections. This is a common pattern; throughout history, many of the powerful female political leaders have gained power as wives, daughters, and sisters of male political leaders.


Interestingly, this list is dominated by the Asian continent. One would expect more African and South American countries to be represented. This might be a pattern, or it might just be chance.


Of all these people, Indira Gandhi comes closest to being a dictator. Unlike the others, Indira Gandhi was legitimately the most powerful person in the country. She was the one in control of the army, and she could and did use it to commit multiple human rights violations.


One wonders who will be the next Indira Gandhi.




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