The Other Side of Sacrifice

Yesterday, I wrote about my grandfathers and their contribution during WW2.  As I finished it, I realized that it was incomplete - only half of the story.  It is all too common that I think of only the soldiers from WW2 first and the families that stayed behind second.  Sadly, the legacy of the children and wives of the soldiers consists of far greater numbers than all of the troops that left to fight.  The people who stayed behind.  They were mothers, fathers, younger brothers and sisters, children and wives.

My two grandmothers stayed behind with their children.  The war was not kind or easy for them.  For some, their sacrifices continue to this day.

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Three grandfathers, one war.

On this Veterans Day, I remember the soldiers in my family that came before me.  They all fought in WWII.  The war took a different toll from each of them.

My mother's father.
My mother's stepfather.
My father's father.

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McCain: Flip-Flop or Fib? - ARMY TIMES

Poor John McCain; the Liberal Media Elite are still ganging up on the "Noble Warrior" / "Man Of Honor" / "Straight-Talking Maverick".

Well, that's if you consider the ARMY TIMES to be liberal or elitist. fense_mccain_FCS_091208/

On Sept. 8, the Republican presidential candidate told a rally crowd in Lee's Summit, Mo., about an Obama video message to a liberal advocacy group.

"He promised them he would, quote, `slow our development of Future Combat Systems,'" McCain said, according to wire reports. "This is not a time to slow our development of Future Combat Systems."

Flashback to July, however, when his campaign furnished McCain's economic plan to The Washington Post, declaring that "there are lots of procurements -- Airborne Laser, [C-17] Globemaster, Future Combat System [sic] -- that should be ended and the entire Pentagon budget should be scrubbed."

In fact, McCain has long criticized the over-budget, behind-schedule FCS program. In 2005, he blasted the Army for allowing the program to balloon to $161 billion, and forced the service to rewrite the main FCS contract.

So where does McCain really stand? Some bloggers and analysts have suggested that he used the term "future combat systems" generically. Obama's campaign maintains their candidate was speaking specifically about FCS, in which case McCain may be twisting his rival's words.

McCain's "superficial statements"& more after the bump.

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Gen. Petraeus: Do Not Deploy 82nd Airborne Brigade Again

Veterans for America applauds General David H. Petraeus for stating today in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee that he will probably recommend this fall that the U.S. military reduce its troop presence in Iraq by an additional Army Brigade Combat Team.

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Thank You To A Friend Going To War

I don't know her that well.  

We only met a few months ago, but we clicked instantly.  We like the same things: NPR and the Op-Ed page of the New York Times (well, sometimes, anyway).  David Sedaris and liberal blogs.  The Violent Femmes.  The Blues Brothers.  Socialized healthcare.

We oppose the same things, too.  We both marched against the war way back in 2002.  We both oppose the Bush Administration.  And the whinier side of feminism.  (And we're both women who majored in women's studies in college.)

But there's one big difference between us: In two weeks, I'm hopping a plane to L.A. to celebrate Passover with my family.  

And she is flying to Iraq.

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