Obama Approval Drops from 52% to 58%

Wait. That's not the right verb. A week ago, Barack Obama's approval rating in the Gallup poll stood at 52 percent, with 41 percent disapproving -- a number that no doubt delighted conservatives but also garnered the attention of the Beltway press. Today the President's approval rating, per Gallup, stands at 58 percent, with 36 percent disapproving -- a net increase of 11 points for President Obama. Interesting.

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Is Obama Seriously Falling Among Indies?

Gallup says not so much.

Barack Obama's Approval Rating Among Independent Voters

Jun 29-
Jul 5

According to Gallup polling, Barack Obama's approval rating among Independents inched down a bit through the early part of the summer -- but is now inching back up. For reference, exit polling from the 2008 election indicates that the President pulled in about 52 percent of the vote from Indies, meaning that he is still earning more support from the group than he did on election day.

Could President Obama stand to do better? Yes, both among Independents and voters overall. But considering that most current polling comes not long after a period in which the President was relatively less visible -- with the Fourth of July, traveling to foreign countries, the Sotomayor hearings, the death of Michael Jackson -- and that he is now being more assertive in the media battle, I would not be too surprised to see his numbers improve in the coming weeks.

One More Note on Obama's Approval Rating

The Pollster.com trend estimate puts Barack Obama's approval rating at 54.2 percent, with 40.1 percent disapproving -- a good deal below the 60 percent/33 percent spread found in the latest Gallup polling. Why the difference? Ask Rasmussen Reports. Taking out the automated pollster from the mix, Barack Obama's approval rating is a net 7 percentage points better. Interesting, no?

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Gallup: Obama Approval Holding at 60 Percent

A little over a week ago when Gallup released a survey showing Barack Obama's approval rating falling to 56 percent, the Beltway media took note, as did conservatives. But now that the President's approval rating has hit a robust 60 percent in Gallup polling for a second straight day, and third day in the last six, where's the chatter?

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Obama Bounces Up a Net 6 Points in Gallup Polling

Last week, when Gallup polling showed Barack Obama's approval rating falling to 56 percent, some thought it was an indication that the President was slipping, and badly. Well, four days later, President Obama's approval number is up 3 points and his disapproval rating is down 3 points, earning him a net 6-point increase in his overall approval rating.

Approve: 59 percent
Disapprove: 33 percent

Could the President's numbers be better? Yes -- and they have been. But considering the rather noticeable shift in coverage on the cable nets as of late, with the common wisdom settling on the notion that the administration is sinking, it's worth looking at the data to see that Barack Obama is faring better than his two most recent predecessors, and he remains a fairly popular President by recent standards.

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