Obama Approval Hits 1-Month High in Gallup Poll

Looking at the latest results from Gallup, Barack Obama's approval rating currently stands at 54 percent, with 38 percent disapproving. This marks the President's best rating in Gallup polling in nearly a month (since September 4, to be exact), both in terms of approval rating and margin between approval and disapproval.

The movement, of course, is at the margin -- indeed within the margin of error. But if the numbers were moving in the other direction -- say if Barack Obama's approval rating hit 49 percent in Gallup polling -- wouldn't there be a siren on Drudge?

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Obama Approval Moving Noticeably Upward

Check out the current trend estimate of Barack Obama's approval rating from Pollster.com:

If you turn up the sensitivity to high, the current trend becomes even more clear:

Judging by the more sensitive graph, the inflection point at which the President's approval rating began to increase rapidly occurred roughly one week ago, with his previous approval slide having all but stopped roughly one month ago. It is not likely entirely coincidental that the period of growth in the President's numbers has coincided with a period of increasing optimism about the chances healthcare reform will become law -- and increasing support for such reform (with even Rasmussen Reports finding an 8-point increase in support for such legislation in just the last month). With numbers like these, it's not at all a stretch to argue that opposing reform is bad politics for individual lawmakers, or that the key to the success of the President is closely tied to the success of the legislative push for healthcare reform.

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Obama Approval on Healthcare Jumps Net 21 Points

CBS News has the numbers:

Last week, just 40 percent of these adults approved of how the president was handling health care. More, 47 percent, disapproved. After the speech, 52 percent said they approved and only 38 percent said they disapproved. Those are the best assessments for Mr. Obama's handling of health care shown all year by CBS News Polls.

President Obama's speech was particularly successful in unifying Democrats. Now, 85 percent of them approve of his handling of health care.

Approval rates also rose among independents and Republicans, but independents are still divided and only 17 percent of Republicans approve of the president's health care actions.

One point that bears repeating from these numbers is the significant support President Obama receives on the issue of healthcare from Republican voters. While a tiny handful of Republicans on Capitol Hill are willing to even consider supporting meaningful healthcare reform -- Maine's two Senators, perhaps retiring Ohio Senator George Voinovich and likely one-term Louisiana Congressman Joseph Cao -- one out of every six Republican voters around the country approves of the way Barack Obama is handling the issue. That's right, a significant portion of the GOP base believes in the President's healthcare plan. If that's not bipartisanship -- regardless of the Beltway Republicans' gamesmanship -- I'm not sure what is.

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One More Note on Obama and Gallup

Yesterday I noted that Barack Obama's approval rating had jumped 5 points in four days, per Gallup polling. Today brings a new round of numbers from Gallup and a new opportunity to give some context to the strong week the President appears to be having (at least according to Gallup).

Ten days ago, Gallup showed 51 percent of the public approving of President Obama and 44 percent disapproving -- a net 7-point positive rating for the President. Today, Barack Obama's approval rating sits at 55 percent, with 38 percent disapproving -- a net 17-point positive rating. That's right, over the past 10 days, President Obama's net approval rating has jumped 10 points in Gallup polling. But I thought that the President was sinking in the polls...

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Gallup: Obama Approval Jumps 5 Points in 4 Days

Though it doesn't appear to have made the news or even too much over the blogs (though it has made a few), but according to Gallup, Barack Obama's approval rating has jumped 5 points in the past four days -- not a bad trend at all. Indeed, if you take a look at the Pollster.com composite of the President's approval rating, with the sensitivity turned up to catch the most recent trends (which carries with it the potential of catching statistical blips rather than real trends), Barack Obama's approval rating appears to be inching up noticeably. Interesting.

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