And Now, The REAL Dirt of Rezko REVEALED!

Yes, the REAL dirt is coming our with the REzko trial and it is politically devestating. Highly placed elected officials are GOING DOWN, including one incredibly important Democrat.

This trial will cause POLITICAL RIPPLES for years to come and will be devestating not only to Democrats, but to Republicans as well.

It's been revealed in the Chicago Tribune. This is the paper of record in Chicago. Everybody who is in the know in the city reads this paper. Yeah, it's editorial board is Republican, but it's the best source for news, with the Chicago Sun coming in a close second

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How To Buy A Mansion You Can't Afford

Posted on behalf of No Quarter blogger City Nell

The Obamas' new home has received a lot of attention in the corporate media and on the blogs. This post will discuss other perspectives.

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