Big win in Houston

The Houston mayoral election has been called, and Annise Parker is Houston's next mayor:

In a  close run-off race of historic proportions, Houston voters chose City Controller Annise Parker as Houston's next mayor. Parker defeated attorney Gene Locke Saturday with about 53 percent of the vote (with 99.86 percent of the precincts in). When sworn in in early January, she will become the first lesbian to serve as mayor of a major American city and only the second woman to hold the city's highest office.Her sexual orientation was not an issue brought up by her, or in the campaign [edit, an attack was done covertly through mailers]. But I'm sure the LGBT turnout in Houston, especially given the low overall turnout, was a factor. Brown led by 13 percent (49-36) in the last poll done, so her margin of 6% is a bit off, but earlier polls showed a close race. BOP has an election thread on the race.

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