John Edwards - Not in a GOP Closet.

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Make those conservatives squirm

I was very disgusted by Ann Coulter's remarks at CPAC.  I think it is time to let her sponsors know that we are not happy with their support of a hate-monger like Coulter.  Contact the sponsors of her speech:  
CPAC Phone: (800) 752-4391.  Email:
and National Center for Public Policy Research:  (202) 543-4110/ Fax: (202) 543-5975/e-mail:

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Faggots in the Democratic Party

First of all and second of all, I HATE John Edwards but let's face it, the guy is a stud. He's one of those guys even straight men who has a sexiness straight men can appreciate.

The real sadness in this is that college students cheered at this infantile comment -- and most of the time, I do find Coulter funny -- and even more pathetic is the fact so many Americans actually think of issues on this level. That is why, in the end, this is effective.

As my upcoming book, Dutch Afro, chronicles, I grew up in hardcore racist white working-class neighborhoods as the only afro-Puerto Rican. This is how many people think in terms of the Democratic Party -- full of niggers and faggots. These tirades are galvanizing but I would argue, only to a segment which is increasingly marginal.

Many of my closest friends are up-and-comers in the Republican Party. They absolutely do not think like this. When I quit the New York Sun because of the racism there (see Pranay Gupta's e-mail on Gawker) they were the only one's who came to my defense. One Jersey Republican op told the Sun to cancel his subscription because 'he had discovered toilet paper.'

Do I think Coulter is really homophobic? I doubt it very much. To treat her as if she is only plays into stereotypes of overly sensitive and insincere liberals.

Besides, one of the things which forms this sort of comment as effective is so many progressives like to act as if they are free of racism and homophobia.

Here are a few things I've experienced in the company of white progressive journalists who I will not mention but would be happy to if pressed:

1. Being asked about the size of my penis at a birthday party. People who work for NPR, Forbes and Mother Jones present.

2. Being asked to dance black.

3. When I was mugged once in Chicago: "Was the guy black?"
and when I answered, "yes" the person who also now works for NPR said "Of course."

I have a copy of a black student leader made up like a Sambo that was published by a current SEIU leader.

We all have this visceral prejudice in us and to hem and haw too much is more galvanizing than the comments themself.

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Reframing Ann Coulter's "Faggot" comment

I think it's time that Liberals admit that we are all fagots, as Ann Coulter uses the word.  She can see right through us, since knows how to identify those characteristics that separate us from real men.  

please, go along with this for a while without feeling excluded. Ill try to pull this together at the end.

John Edwards is only the most recent of our political hierarchy that she has outed.  Previously she has said, "Bill Clinton shows some level of latent homosexuality," and called Vice President Al Gore a "total fag." 

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Coulter? Never Heard of Her.

This morning comes word that every Republican east and west of the Mississipi is appalled -- appalled! -- that Ann Coulter would stoop to slurring a Democratic presidential candidate. As it turns out, none of them had ever heard Ms. Coulter open her mouth before. This explains how they were blissfully unaware of such Coulterian wit and wisdom as 2005's "[Bill Clinton] was a very good rapist," 2004's description of one of the tenets of Islam as "'kill everyone who doesn't smell bad," 2002's "my only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times building," and from the highly productive year of 2001: "we should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity" and "the presumption of innocence only means you don't go right to jail." On, and also from that year, her take on the legacy of school desegregation: "illiterate students knifing one another between acts of sodomy in the stairwell."

So on and so forth.

Being a provocative, cutting, political comic is one thing. Being an nondoctrinaire political thinker another. Both are things Ann Coulter is not. She's a bully, has been for years, and is egged-on in her bullydom because her shtick appeals to a certain element in American conservatism. It's what made her one of the stars of CPAC. So all these apologies and condemnations? A bit empty.

After the jump, the blast from the past -- the horrible, incredibly offensive words from Whoopi Goldberg in 2004 that outraged the White House and got her dropped as a SlimFast spokesperson:

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