Editorial Changes Proposal

Contrary to the high road taken by John and Elizabeth Edwards, who display such dignity and class in their response to Ann Coulter's notorious remarks at CPAC, it has been proposed that until further notice the editorial standards of Liberal Blogtopia should maintain a conscious effort to hang the Harpy formally known as The Coultergeist around the neck of GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney, to wit:

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Slick Dancing Mitt's troupe of Coulter-defending dancers

I'll give Evangelicals for Mitt's Charles Mitchell credit, he's proven himself to be one of the few on the other side to not respond to criticism by using language most commonly heard uttered by Vice President Cheney on the Senate floor. Responding, I'm guessing, to criticism from myself and others about his equating Howard Dean with Ann Coulter - "Here's the problem for Chairman Dean, though: His rhetoric (claiming the remark was "hate-filled and bigoted") is no less overblown than Coulter's. What she said was not hate-filled; it was just unnecessary and way over the line." - Mitchell has updated his original post to "revise and extend" his original comments. In short, he's sticking by what he said. So allow me then, Charles, to reply.

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Jerry Lee Giuliani and the Bilious Bimbo

bump, jerome

With all due respect to the Rock & Roller, Rudy Guiliani is the Jerry Lee Lewis of American politics. He married his cousin. That's incest. When Jerry Lee did it, it destroyed his career.

So it's Jerry Lee Giuliani. He ought to be on the ballot that way. Some might consider this an outrageous thing to say, of course. The politics of personal destruction and all that.

But who cares that I said it? Still, I have no less standing than Ann Coulter. More, really, since I have actually been engaged for two decades in constructive political organizing, campaign managing and consulting, and political writing that has actually helped, in some modest and nearly imperceptible way, determine the outcome of some races and shed some tiny amount of light on how our process works. But I'm not on cable news talking about Jerry Lee Giuliani. The Bilious Bimbo hurls her slurs at John Edwards, however, and it is news. It shouldn't be.

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Ann Coulter Website Advertisers List with Contact Info

Ann Coulter's latest bigoted and hateful diatribe has justifiably evoked rage and disgust throughout the progressive community, and every aspect of the subject has been diaried extensively in the last 48 hours.

One of the best ways to communicate one's distaste for Coulter's repeated incidents of hate speech is to respectfully but firmly let her advertisers know you are deeply troubled by their indirect support of bigotry through their advertising on Coulter's website.

A list of Coulter's advertisers with contact information is detailed below. Please note that web advertisers place ads in rotations, often only visible during specific time periods, and thus this list may not be complete. Go to www.anncoulter.com and hit your refresh button to view the various ads at the top. If you find new advertisers (or it appears those on the list below have pulled out), send me a screen capture of the page to the email addy in my profile and I will update the diary accordingly.

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Make Republican's Question Themselves

The Democrats flipped the script on the Republicans last week.  Its about time.  Ann Coulter made outragous statements as usual, and the Democrats made the Republicans criticize her.  This is an amazing stratagy that the republican's use all the time against the dems to turn themselves on eachother and to make them less credible.  

Now the tables have turned, but lets see if the Dems could keep it up.  The Dems need to stop just going after Bush and go after all Repubs.  the need to say "do you agree with the Republican stratagy to send soldiers to battle without the proper training and gear?".  "Do you agree with your fellow republican when he says we should avoid any and all muslims in congress?"

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