Coulter Hopes Edwards Gets Assasinated

From an email message sent out today from Joe Trippi and the John Edwards campaign.

"Yesterday, Jonathan told you that the folks who benefit from the status quo are attacking John personally because they don't want the country to hear his message.

"And you know what happened when we called them out? The attacks started pouring in.

"That same day, the Ann Coulter-wannabe Michelle Malkin blasted John on her blog. Fox News has been bashing him around the clock. And Coulter herself said, "if I'm going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

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ABC's This Week: "Fair and Balanced" Like Fox

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If you were booking panelists for a fair and balanced Sunday show discussion of the nation’s political news, would your panel look like this?

George Will, movement conservative. Victoria Clarke, Republican staffer for Bush 41, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. Fareed Zakaria, a neoconservative reporter described in The Nation as a “junior Kissinger.” And ABC reporter Jake Tapper.

While many Americans would expect such a rigged lineup from a Republican mouthpiece like Fox, today it was served up to us by This Week with George Stephanopoulos (who you can send your feedback to at the link below).

As could be predicted, viewers got an alternative view of reality.

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That Ann Coulter, Such a Nice Girl

NICE IMAGE FROM A NICE GIRL. Just in case anybody wasn't sure that right-wing opposition to the immigration bill is racist, here's Ann Coulter to set them straight:

And as long as we're adopting an open borders policy for immigration, how about opening the borders for emigration? . . . You can leave the country, you can renounce your citizenship -- but you still owe taxes for 10 years. The government does not allow us to stop supporting welfare recipients in America, millions more of whom it plans to import under Bush's bill. That's not a free market -- it's a roach motel.

Immigrants as roaches. Our country as a roach motel. Such a nice image. It's also very striking because the racial power of the roach motel imagery starts deep within Coulter's white-supremacist gut with its connotations of welfare in relation to African-Americans. The roach motel image also catches up the whole range of non-whites in her list of the most prominent sources for immigrants in 2005: "Mexico (161,445), India (84,681), China (69,967), the Philippines (60,748), Cuba (36,261), Vietnam (32,784), the Dominican Republic (27,504), Korea (26,562), Colombia (25,571) and Ukraine (22,761)." In Coulter's eyes, they're all either non-white or non-Protestant (the poor Ukrainians)-- all like the African-American population in not sharing a British cultural base, all as much non-white "roaches" as she imagines African-Americans to be.

Given Coulter's flair for the outrageous, I'm surprised that she doesn't find a way to apply the "n-word" to all these groups.

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Coulter Advertisers: There's a New Crop. Action Requested.

While pondering a new diary last night on the viability of targeting Rush Limbaugh's advertisers following his recent racist remarks, a fellow Kossack sent me an email with screen caps of four new major advertisers on I then took another look at the site and after a number of browser refreshes found five additional new advertisers, one of which ( had previously responded last month that they were pulling their ads.

Remembering some of the comments a few weeks ago at Freeperville over our Coulter awareness campaign, a number of the knuckledraggers remarked that her advertisers would be back soon. Are we going to let that happen? Let's launch our own "surge" and let these advertisers know we are disappointed and troubled that they have chosen to support a known voice of hate speech.

Crossposted at Diatribune. Will be crossposted at DKos at 430PM EDT. For a list and contact info on the new advertisers at, go to the flip:


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Shifting the Debate over Conservative Bigotry and the Civil War in Iraq

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Conservatives have been extremely good at using deceptive talking points to redefine Ann Coulter's homophobia, Don Imus' sexism and racism, and John McCain's warmongering gaffes into a debate over liberal overreactions, hip hop, and whether Congress is surrendering to the terrorists. Progressives must shift the debate back to reality if they hope to bring the troops home and select a progressive president from a diverse field of Democrats. The Republican party has some explaining to do for its support of bigots and the warmongers.

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