Urgent: Ultra Conservative Voices Must Be Challenged.

I urge you to read the following excerpt from Linda Kimball's  article in May 8th MichNews.com. Linda Kimball is an important Conservative Right-Wing ideologue. Ms Kimball is right up there in a class with ultra conservative demagogues like the Rush Limbaugh's, and Ann Coulter's, etc.
                                                                 May 8, 2006
"Exposing America's Enemies:
The 'Social Justice Seeking' Communist Left"
By Linda Kimball
Ms Kimball writes, "The purpose of this article is to expose, at least in part, some of the principal communist groups responsible for undermining and weakening America and who likewise serve as a power source, not only for the militant Marxist organizers of the recent demonstrations, but for Islamic jihadists as well." She the says: "The subversive element--a motley collection of Marxists, Stalinists, Trotskyists, Maoists, anarchists and malcontents--organized themselves in the 60's and became known as the New Left.  For over forty years the New Left has been waging a Gramscian `quiet' revolution for the overthrow of the America of our Founders.  Today these subversives call themselves liberals, progressives and Democrats.  Even though there yet remains good, decent Democrats such as Zell Miller, the majority as David Horowitz attested to, are social justice seeking communists.  "The Democratic Party is very close to being the (Communist-controlled Progressive) party of Henry Wallace...The vast bulk of the American left is a Communist left and they've introduced some fascist ideas like "identity politics," which is straight out of Mussolini." (How Marxism Dominates the Left, Phil Brennan, NewsMax.com, June 1, 2005)

America's Communist Left operates in a vast interconnected matrix of revolutionary groups disguised as respectable civil rights and legal organizations.  These front groups have consistently worked towards the transformation of America through subversion of America's Rule of Law, Constitution, judiciary, and all institutions necessary to the longevity and health of our nation and civilization.  These groups attack all national security measures, subvert immigration laws and procedures, lobby on behalf of terrorist and enemy combatants and engage in propagandistic apologetics for the most brutal dictatorships in the world even as they constantly vilify and demean America and Americans.  As they do these things to destroy America and shame Americans, they hypocritically portray themselves as defenders of democracy and humanity."
MichNews.com, to read entire story.  
I am personally offended by this kind of garbage being fed to millions of conservative Americans who don't realize that they are being exploited by the demagoguery of these ultra right-wing weblogs and radio/TV hosts.
Lest we forget, they deserve abundant credit for getting George W. elected in 2000 and in 2004! And, I ask, who has taken up the challenge? The demagogues  continue to lie to the American people while misleading them with total distortions of the truth. This is the time to be aggressive and to fight back. Each lie and each distortion must not go unchallenged! Finally, if our elected representatives aren't able to take up the fight, then thoose of us on the sidelines must do so.

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When will it stop?

It's rather convenient, really. I can set my watch by it. About once a month, sometimes more, an angry right-winger will steal the spotlight and say something so vile, so offensive, that I'm left to wonder when people will stop taking them seriously. Or, further, when what they say will land them in jail.

Sometimes the perpetrator is a pundit. Sometimes a politician. Sometimes a televangelist. No matter who they are, what they say is quickly absorbed into the public debate, where repudiations are rare and responses are given short shrift.

This remains the pattern, of course, until a Democrat speaks out. When that happens, the noise machine acts so shocked, so taken aback, that America seems unable to take its next collective breath until and unless the offender - whose words pale in comparison to a Republican's - is shamed in the public square. Or worse.

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