Mexico: Presidential Election Alert

Election day is on July 2 and the Times has a profile today of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (or AMLO for short, apparently), lefty heart-throb and PRD candidate, whose lead over Felipe Calderón (of PAN, Vicente Fox's party) has apparently turned into a statistical dead heat.

I'm afraid I've paid no attention to the race up till now - I'd kind of got the impression that it would be a walkover for López Obrador - but it looks as if it may have some juice for the cognoscenti coming into the stretch.

I don't think that, for all his popular support, the guy is within a country mile of Bolivia's Evo Morales for radicalism (nor do I expect him to compete for the post of Chávez's #1 buttmonkey).

But even the pantywaists at State can't be thrilled at the prospect of losing a reasonably loyal ally without an acceptable replacement - a MX prez is barred from serving a second term, even a nonconsecutive one.

Fox didn't support the US second resolution on Iraq, of course. But, then, he didn't return PEMEX to its rightful owners, either.

Even a gringo-friendly resident of the Casa Rosada has to playact a little Zapata for the masses.

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