Al Gore Speaks To My Spirit /At Chautauqua

Al Gore's appearance at the Chautauqua Institution yesterday was not political. It was spiritual. He was appealing personally to our spirits as human beings. He was appealing to us to see beyond the petty and frivolous distractions of our lives that are destroying our only home (and our Democracy) to see life's true meaning.

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My Meeting With Al Gore Tonight

The moment I had been waiting for for 18 years came for me tonight... I finally got to shake the hand of the man I have respected for so long.

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"An Inconvenient Truth" and the power of one

I had the pleasure of seeing "An Inconvenient Truth" this weekend, a sobering film that, while offering its viewers ample opportunities to retreat into abject pessimism, most likely convinces them to become empowered activists and advocates for environmental change. Never have I felt more distressed about the harm we've caused on Earth. Never have I felt more motivated to do something about it.

I was reminded, however, as I watched painful example after painful example of the stubbornness of so many to see the truth, that we indeed have the power to affect change. We are the ones we've been waiting for. And waiting one moment longer for those deniers, those accomplices to environmental catastrophe, those accessories to murder to come around is a moment we could have spent changing things for the better.

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UPDATE: Left Hook to Right Wing on Global Warming

Michael Graham is a conservative columnist in Columbia's local free weekly the Free Times. He is best known for being fired for calling Islam "a terrorist organization". In this weeks Free Times Mr. Graham decided to take on Al Gore and global warming. He gives no indication that he actually saw An Inconvenient Truth, so you really can't call it a review, but it pretends to be. Below the flip I take on each of Mr. Graham's arguments and preview the letter I plan on sending to the Free Times.

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'An Inconvenient Truth' Car Pools

Here an idea for watching and promoting Al Gore's movie An Inconvenient Truth, and doing so while leaving as small a CO_2 footprint as possible.

Organize AIT car pools with your co-workers, friends and families to go and see 'The Truth' at the nearest theatre!

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