Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth And Religion

It is the duty of all religions and beliefs and the duty of those who have no religion to respect this planet and cherish its gifts. It is a human duty.

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Al Gore On MTV: The Environmental Man In Black

It's time to see beyond the superfluous media reporting on these events. Al Gore on MTV was a moment that hopefully will help shape the future of our planet. Here's why.

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Another Attack On Al Gore Coming

Hmm, or should that be truth hating shill alert? I knew the attack by Peter Schweizer would not be the end, so here we go again.

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The Ad That Started The Environmental Movement

Below you can view the ad that is said to have sparked the environmental movement that began in earnest on the first Earth Day in 1971. My thoughts on that, and what and who I believe can and will rekindle it.

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Al Gore and Franklin Roosevelt

I took it upon myself to write this because I respect Al Gore immensely, and because I also respect President Franklin Roosevelt who has always been one of my true political and personal heroes. I wished to note some similarities between them as men, and for me this was truly a labor of love that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. I'm not a professional writer, but this is from my heart. I hope if you read it you feel the same.

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