Al Gore Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

Finally, he gets the sincere recognition he deserves on this issue and this crisis.

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Please Help Me Support Al Gore's Work

As we now pass into a new year, the window on our planet is closing even more. Recent events are making it clearer that Al Gore's words of warning in bringing the message of climate scientists to the people are coming true. This is not the time to continue to sit on our hands waiting for some event to come along to magically bring it back, because that will not happen without our intervention. This year of 2007 is going to be crucial for the future sustainability of this planet. Which is why I ask for your help.

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Help Al Gore Seek Justice For Our Planet From Congress

From our Patriots for Al Gore website:

The people now have an outspoken advocate in Al Gore. He is now a free man. He is one of us. He is now not enslaved to a beltway mentality that only thinks in their own small boxes. He is now a representative for our planet that has the means and ability to let our voices be heard on the most crucial crisis mankind has ever faced: Our hand in destroying our planet.

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Al Gore: "Start By Arming Yourself With Knowledge"

The one thing I took from this interview with Mr. Gore that took place recently that I take away from all of his interviews and appearances is that this is not about him. He puts the issue front and center and I truly believe that questions surrounding the issue of the environment are what really excites and challenges him.

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Al Gore's Speech At NYU Was Inspiring

I must preface this by stating that what Al Gore did at NYU this past Monday was nothing short of heroic. And whether you agree with his proposals or not it cannot be denied that to come out and suggest solutions perceived as radical to the status quo way is absolutely refreshing and much needed in our national dialogue.

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