EFCA: Its Time to Fight for the American Worker

Well, the longest election season of my lifetime has now ended. The smashing victory for Obama, and Democrats in most of the country should show us one thing. It is time we fight for the American worker once more. All over America, workers came out in force to demand a fair deal once more. Union workers, and those that aspire to organize let their voices be heard, and were a pivotal voting bloc in our victory. Now, it is time that the American worker recieved some good news for a change.

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Senator Obama's Inconsistent Policy on _____

During this most recent scandal concerning NAFTA, Senator Obama's spokesperson uttered something I found rather amusing. His spokesperson, in defending Senator Obama against what is now widely being seen as waffling if not outright lying to the American people stated:

There was no one at any level of our campaign, at any point, anywhere, who said or otherwise implied Obama was backing away from his consistent position on trade.

Boy is that a mouthful. It sounds like legalese rather than something an ordinary American would understand. But it's that last part that gave me a chuckle because, well, Senator Obama has been FAR from consistent on trade policy or hardly any policy at all. In fact he makes stuff up that sounds really good to his adoring fans, he even puts out commercials touting his strong support for workers in need. But when one examines his "consistent" record there is indeed a consistency there, but it is the type of consistency that is inconsistent and is more than a little troubling. In fact you might say that his rhetoric and his actions are two entirely different things as this recent NAFTAgate scandal is making very clear. the guy talks a good game, but when it comes to actually taking action he is
missing in action.

Let's examine this shall we?

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Tales from the Lazy Acre - Labor Day Special

    According to Forbes Magazine, American workers on average are becoming lazier as compared to the rest of the world. It appears that we are working fewer hours per week than many of our global competitors.

(Fortune Magazine) -- We Americans pride ourselves on being a hard-working bunch, so here's a thought to spoil your Labor Day rest: By global standards, we're lazy. We've been getting lazier. And the days of the American dolce vita may be numbered.

The surprising report of our relative sloth arrives in new research from the UN's International Labor Organization, which looks at working hours around the world. When it comes to what we might call hard work, meaning the proportion of workers who put in more than 48 hours a week, America is near the bottom of the heap. About 18% of our employed people work that much.

That's a higher proportion than in a few other developed countries like Norway, the Netherlands, and even Japan. But it's actually lower than in Switzerland and Britain, and way lower than in developing countries like Mexico and Thailand. It's drastically lower than in what may be the world's two hardest-working countries, South Korea and Peru, where the proportions are about 50%. CNN

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John Edwards Offers Real Hope to Working America

John Edwards is the candidate in this race that understands the enormous pressures that have been put on the American worker in the last few decades by several administrations. From trade deals that expose them to uneven markets, to neglecting to address falling wages, to the diminishing number of workers who have the right to collectively bargain for wages and benefits, the American worker no matter who is in power seems to be the ones who are constantly taking the shaft.

John Edwards understands that the backbone of a free society is a thriving Middle-class. He has been fighting for those who desperately hope to remain in the middle-class and those who strive to attain it. He has fought to raise wages for thousands of workers, and to help them organize into unions. Stamping out poverty and making sure Americans get an honest day's wage for an honest day's work has become the mission of his life. Not to mention making healthcare affordable to all who work.

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John Edwards and Jobs

I believe that a John Edwards administration would be a great benefit to working Americans. I believe he could compile an impressive record on job creation. But I also believe that Edwards would be good on something else just as important- job protection.

Don't listen to the pundits who try to tell you John Edwards is a hypocrite with his support for the working poor, and the middle-class. John Edwards knows the importance of creating not only low-paying service type jobs, but high-paying jobs with benefits. While he hasn't released a comprehensive plan for just job creation, you can find ideas sprinkled through his many policy proposals. Lets look at a few:

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