Big Coal Targets Alaskan Natives

If you'll indulge me a quick personal note, some of you may be interested to know that I'm now writing for a second national blog, I'll be posting there about once per week on environmental issues in the mountain west and Midwest, and will put the links in Breaking Blue when they're politically relevant. My first post went up Sunday morning, and highlights the fight between a major coal company and a small Alaskan Native tribe.

Usibelli Coal Mine Inc. has obtained the initial permits to build a coal road along Alaska’s Moose Creek, a site sacred to the Chickaloon Tribe. If the project proceeds as planned and the permits are renewed for 2012, 200 trucks a day will haul coal along the road for as long as 20 years, polluting the river and erasing all gains made by the tribe’s $1 million salmon restoration project.

The tribe sees this as a direct attack on both their way of life and their freedom of religion... Yet while Big Coal shows off its best George Custer impression, some in the government seem to be looking the other way.


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