New Mexico: Week In Review (March 1 Edition)

Not quite as big a news roundup as last week. The start of the week was a bit slow, but the pace picked up near the end of the week.  Nothing as big as last week which featured the end of operations at the Albuquerque Tribune (still weird to walk by a newspaper machine at 3:00 in the afternoon and see a Journal staring out at you), but still some news happened.


There were two Presidential match-up polls released this week for the state of New Mexico, and both showed Senator Barack Obama did better than Senator Hillary Clinton against Senator John McCain.  But both polls painted drastically different general election pictures.

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NM-02: Domenici Retirement Fallout

Sen. Pete Domenici's retirement has set off a political domino effect all the way down the line of New Mexico politics.  Potential Gubernatorial races, Congressional races and even State House and Senate races have and will be affected by the Senator's announcement of a resignation.

Previously, I have discussed the effects on the First Congressional District and the Senate race itself.  Tomorrow, I will discuss the current and potential effects on the Gubernatorial race.  Now, I will discuss the Second Congressional District race and how Domenici's retirement has and will affect the race.

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NM-02: Pearce Afraid of DCCC Entrance

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Heath Haussamen has the goods on a letter Rep. Steve Pearce sent to supporters asking for cash.  Cash to stave off Bill McCamley, Al Kissling and the DCCC.

It is no surprise the ultimate far-right GOP representative would resort to scare tactics even in fundraising for his own campaign.  But the tone of his fear of the DCCC is palpable.  He almost dismissed McCamley and Kissling out of hand, but read what he had to say of the DCCC below the fold.

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NM-02: Democrats Lining Up to Challenge Pearce

While central-New Mexico Democrats hope that someone has the courage to step into the ring against Heather Wilson for the November 2008 election, down south, Democrats are virtually lining up to take on incumbent Republican Representative Steve Pearce.

The district leans heavily towards Republicans.  Pearce easily won, 59%-40%; but it wasn't as big a victory as Democrats had around the state (Rep. Tom Udall won re-election 75-25%, Sen. Jeff Bingaman won 70%-30%, and Governor Richardson won 69%-31%).  The district went for George W Bush over Kerry 57.71% - 41.26%.  Not exactly a blue district.

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New Mexico Polling Released

The first independent polls of the campaign have been released; the Sanderoff-Journal polls are generally very accurate, and Sanderoff is a respective New Mexico pollster.

If you have read my blog before, you can guess which Congressional race is in play -- yup, the Patricia Madrid - Heather Wilson matchup in the First Congressional District.  Let's take a look at that race and its poll first.

Brian Sanderoff had his poll 45-42, with Wilson in the lead.  Ten percent are undecided, and the rest (three percent) say they aren't going to vote for either; the margin of error is 4.8 percent.  This is in line with the Dem poll taken a couple weeks back.

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