Gore Reborn

Hello all,

I work at The American Prospect and I wanted to tell you about our next cover story.  It's not on newsstands yet, but you can read it online: www.prospect.org/gorereborn.  

I want to give you some additional info to

  1. provide simple bullet points for anyone who wants to write about the prime nuggets in the article
  2. provide references of people who were waiting for a Gore cover article (so that we can prove it's part of a movement and not an isolated story)
  3. touch base with the Kos community before going to the larger traditional media.

Please check out after the jump for this info.

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Patriot Act, FISA, George Will, and tying things together

In his opinion piece from today, George Will says this:
George Will: The administration's argument about the legality of the NSA program also has been discordant with the administration's argument about the urgency of extending the Patriot Act. Many provisions of that act are superfluous if a president's wartime powers are as sweeping as today's president says they are.
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New Blog: Truman's Conscience

A new blog is among us. Please stop in and give us a look.  My inauguarl post is below:  http://trumansconsciencel.blogspt.com

Turman's Conscience

As of this inaugural post, it has been fifty-three years, three weeks, two days and four hours since Harry S. Truman's official term of office expired. As each decade passes since that moment it only serves to underline the flourishing legacy he left behind that is still with us today. With the exception of Abraham Lincoln, it is doubtful a better representative of the common man with an evolving progressive mind could be found. At first, our 33rd President came out of Missouri with a parochial outlook couched in the southern prejudices of the time. With a progressive mind and a conscience that always strived for fairness one can only marvel at the evolving ideals and a sense of justice he would harness as the arc of his ascension in public life spiraled upward growing beyond his humble origins.

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Gore PAC Begins Attack On President Bush

Or so the seemingly Conservative author of this piece in a South Carolina paper trashing our last press release thinks. Wow, I made the papers.

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The Grey Lady Speaks

The New York Times does discuss the Gore speech today: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/16/politics/16cnd-gore.html.

Crooks and Liars has excerpts of the speech up in streaming video.  For the entire speech go to http://www.c-span.org/.


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