Gavin Newsom Torpedoes CA-Gov Bid at Netroots Nation

As many of you saw, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom gave a green speech introduction for Van Jones on Sunday at Netroots Nation. But immediately after his green speech, a local blogger asked a very important question:

I just asked Newsom if he would support the Clean Energy Act.  At first, he said yes -- absolutely.  Then he said, "oh are you talking about the one about PG&E?" I said yes.  He said, "oh no it's horrible." I asked him to elaborate, but he would not.  I then asked, "is that because your consultant [Eric Jaye] is working for PG&E?" Newsom denied it, but really.  It was kinda pathetic.

Indeed. As we all know, Al Gore thinks the entire country needs to go 100% clean electrically by 2019 and Mayor Newsom won't try for his city to do the same by 2040?

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Pelosi Passes the Buck; Gore Let Off the Hook at Netroots Nation

From today's Beyond Chron.

It's no surprise that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got a tough reception at Netroots Nation - as bloggers asked about the Iraq War, impeachment and (of course) FISA.  Pelosi passed the buck on all of these issues - saying that she's let House Judiciary Chair John Conyers handle executive contempt, blamed Senate Democrats for selling out on FISA and said that only electing Barack Obama will get us out of Iraq.  When Al Gore popped in to make a surprise appearance, the crowd gave a hero's welcome to the ex-Vice President - posing a sharp contrast with Pelosi.  Bloggers cheered Gore's ambitious environmental agenda to make the United States 100% free of fossil fuel energy by 2019.  But nobody bothered to ask Gore why he didn't push for this 15 years ago when he could have done something about it.  Meanwhile, Pelosi's excuses frustrated the audience - but they each have an element of truth to them.  On the other hand, if Pelosi says she "doesn't have the votes" in Congress to get what we want, she should start being more supportive of primary challenges that bloggers wage against bad Democrats.

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Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 176

Even Bush is sick of the Iraq fiasco...he has been mumbling about pulling out troops and about a "time horizon"...yes, "HORIZON," not a timeline, for the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Don't know about you, but I have never heard anyone talk about "time horizons" before. Makes me think of an event horizon around a black hole...which is an ominous comparison.

Remember, though, Bush's shifting to withdrawal is not by any choice of his. The Iraq government has told him in no uncertain terms that we have outlived our welcome and they do not want us there permanently.

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"The hair of the dog that bit you."

In an unannounced visit to Netroots Nation, Al Gore received a standing ovation as a welcome to the conference.  


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To fight global warming, we also need to rethink transportation

It doesn't get much more visionary and ambitious than Al Gore's recent speech on energy and climate change, and this sentence in particular:

Today I challenge our nation to commit to producing 100 percent of our electricity from renewable energy and truly clean carbon-free sources within 10 years.

If you missed it, you can find the full text here or read a helpfully annotated version here.

My only quibble with this fantastic speech was that Gore said little about the transportation sector, which is the second largest contributor to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Changing our transportation policies and funding priorities could greatly help us address the climate change emergency. More on that after the jump.  

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