A Chance for Good Judgement: Randi on BO.com

New information uncovered by Tennessee Guerrilla Woman indicates that Randi Rhodes' Green960 Imus/Limbaugh imitation was not just a radio station event, but was promoted on Barack Obama's website.

Click through to No Quarter for a complete screen cap of the Obama website page.

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MyDD Strikes a blow for civility

Thanks in large part to the attention from the MyDD community, Air America Radio has suspended talk show host Randi Rhodes:

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Randi's "Whore" Monologue is a Very Big Deal

I don't think any of you realize what the impact of the Randi Rhodes "whore" video will be. All of the right-wing slams against liberals and progressive radio will be validated by this. All liberal hosts will be tarred with this brush.

It is a virtual certainty that either tonight or tomorrow at the latest this video will make its way to the Talking Points Memo on O'Reilly. Drudge should have a link up within hours. THIS IS A VERY BIG DEAL!

Progressive talk radio was supposed to be a more reasoned discourse than right-wing venality and obloquy. All the good work done over the past few years is in jeopardy in service of what? Air America (and Ed Schultz/Stephanie Miller) have morphed into Air Obama. How do they transition to supporting Hillary if by some remote chance she becomes the nominee?

What needs to happen is an immediate and strong condemnation of this kind of speech by Mark Green (President of Air America and, ironically a Hillary supporter) accompanied by an unpaid  suspension of Randi Rhodes until the primaries
are over. As a condition of her continued employment she should be made to issue a very public apology as was Don Imus. (Arguably her comments are mode odious that Imus' as they are directed at specific individuals who have done nothing to deserve them).

Air America, Daily Kos and other Obama outlets should have prominently displayed diaries decrying Randi's monologue as well as a renewed call to civility. We can't condemn the comments of Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk and engage in similar toxic diatribes. I can't count the number of times I have heard Randi refer to Dick Cheney's offensive epithet to Pat Leahy. Pot vs. kettle!

From the standpoint of Air America, this is a big money loser. They have increased their audience because the interest in the election is overwhelming the defection of Hillary supporters disgusted by their obvious, oft unstated bias. What happens when the election is over, the interest subsides and the Hillary supporters don't return? This message also would be well heeded by Schultz, MSNBO and others.

Mark Green is no dummy. He knows this. The question he has yet to answer is whether he is a leader with the courage to severly discipline his highest-rated host. The onslaught is coming; will he be ready?

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Randi Rhodes: "Hillary is a [redacted] whore"

Not safe for work or kids

Here's Air America Radio's Randi Rhodes, calling Geraldine Ferarro and Hillary Clinton "[expletive] whore[s]."

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Linda's rant. Since when do Democrats take advice from Right Wingers?

Funny; where were the Democrats when all the righties were attacking Hillary during the Democratic Primary to try to influence the Democratic election, to bloody and drop her numbers, so they could have a weaker candidate to run against?  There was hardly a day that the Republican candidates weren't talking about Hillary, or bringing up Hillary in every Republican debate.

The righties were doing everything possible to influence the Democratic primary, to select who they wanted to run against.  9 Republican (male) Candidates jumping on Hillary and 7 (male) Democratic Candidates attacking Hillary.  All the right wing talk radio and TV talking heads joining in on the fight.  Even having Republican strategists Karl Rove offering advice to Obama, Robert Novak  bating attacks and Republican Strategists (Frank Luntz) going on talk shows pushing Barack Obama.  All because they know Hillary was the candidate they feared most.  Hillary and a Clinton, so far the only Democrat who has consistently beat Republicans.  

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