Where is the support for black Democrats?

I'm reading comments in diaries here that have made me so upset recently, that I was not sure I would continue to read here.
My blood pressure is high enough as it is.  

But this is MyDD - and we are all Democrats.  
Whether supporters of HRC, BHO, John Edwards or others, what is supposed to hold us together is our party and the battle to win against McCain in the fall.

The Democratic Party has changed since I was a child in the late 40's & 50's.  

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21st Century Tuskeegee?

The Tuskeegee Experiments are pretty famous. I'm sure most folks know that the US government took African-American men with syphilis and pretended to treat them but instead simply observed the effects of the disease. Some of these men died and some infected their family members.

You would think the federal government would have learned from this and would've stopped experimenting on some of its most disadvantaged citizens, but apparently not.


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Why AA support is KEY to Winning the White House

A lot has been made about how Obama can't win without white working class voters, women, and latinos.  Many have argued that these groups just won't vote for him.  I have pointed out without doing the serious number crunching before that this is just not true and that the key to a democratic victory is SOLID African-American support. I have now done the number crunching based on the 2000 and 2004 exit polls for key states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio with the help of others and without a doubt, no matter the maximum increase of voters in Hillary's  "voting blocks, " she nor any Democrat can win the White House without SOLID African-American support.

Here's why:

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The end of Obama= the end of the Party

I think that the majority of Hillary supporters on here are missing something very critical here, this is not the thing that you want to finish Barak Obama! If Obama loses because he has less democratic delegates-- that's cool African Americans, and the youth vote for the most part will accept that; if he loses ue to superdleegates--that's less cool most African Americans might sit out, and the youth vote is gone; if he loses due to Wright-- its over, the grand coalition dies.

What I mean is that if this is it for Obama, then we're done because there is no way Hillary is going to win after African-Americans declare a "blackout" and that's what's going to happen if the first viable African-American canidate for President is destoyed due to his memebership in a mainstream African American church (and it is mainstream, this is not the NOI, this is the church of Oprah and Tiger and Jordan, this is the church of the most accepted African Americans in this country). It is going to be, forgive my frankness, a slap in the fucking face, a blinking sign saying "Negroes you can vote for us, but you can't lead us!" So go on and cheer my friends, laugh it up as the Democratic party throws its most loyal voters under the bus, assume if you want that they'll still vote for you, and then act totally shocked when Mckinnney breaks 5% in IL, NY, and NJ, act dismayed when we lose WI, MO, and PA: all states where the party is behind until the late returns in the Urban precincts come in-- only this time, this time we'll wait and we'll say "just hold on", and nothing will come.

I can't really think of an analogy, that get's across what Democrats on this site are doing but I have one that is close-- this is like the GOP throwing Bush under the Bus due to his being a born-again christian; its that short-sighted and stupid. I beg you, I beg you my fellow Americans, my fellow Democrats, realize what you're doing, please understand that we are poised at the brink; situated on the edge of a precipice, not unlike where we were in 1964, and that our actions in the following weeks and months could lose us the black vote for a generation (ironiucally, at this point last year it was the FOP that was prepared to become a permanent minority party by writing off Hispanics) only this time there is no corresponding group we gain by doing the right thing, this time we appear ready to choose fear and ignorance and in doing so consign ourselves to the fate of the Whigs, the Jeffersonians, and the Wobblies.

[ As an aside this underlines one of the fundamental failures of the 2 party system-- its reliance on non-homogenous voting coalitions-- in a parlimentary system, AAs, Fundies, the Left, Moderates, Civil Libertarians, Neocons, Feminists, and the Free marketeers would be reperesented by a panalopy of parties, coming together when their shared interests demanded it, as opposed to being grouped in 2 camps where the inherent contradictions are either ignored, or suppressed in order to achieve some vague "goals" that kind of sort make them happy.]

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Do you understand what you've done?

African-Americans are the single most loyal block of Democratic voters. They're absolutely solid voting record is the reason why Bill Clinton won handily and why Gore got the popular vote.

Democrats can't win without African-American support.

Let me say that one more time for the people in the cheap seats.


But what did you do when a black preacher who  was preaching to a predominately black congregation about oppression and imperialism?

You threw him under the bus. By extension you threw ALL of us African-Americans under the bus.

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