why are african americans so intolerant of others?

For me its personal.. as personal as it is for african americans to see Obama become president.. firstly my post election analysis.. GOOD Obama won.. congrats to him.. we made it happen.. we saw history happen and contributed to it with our support. and good that Mccain lost.. failed bush policies and markets still reeling :(

Having said that.. I want to know why African americans are so intolerant towards other minorities? Why did 80% of AA vote in support of prop8. Why do these people hate people who are different than them?

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40 percent of GA Early Voters African American

Yeah its always easy to look to race for encouraging signs in the election, but this is impressive in Georgia, where African Americans only made up 25 percent of the electorate in 2004.

From the Atlanta Journal & Constitution:

A disproportionate number of Georgia's 194,138 early voters are African-American, in what could be an encouraging sign for Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

As of Wednesday, about 39 percent of those voters -- 74,961 -- are African-Americans, Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel's office said.

African-Americans make up 29 percent of registered voters in the state, according to Oct.1 figures.

The Obama campaign has got to be pleased by these numbers. Polling in the state has generally favored McCain, but as we all know the senate race is close here.. so who knows..

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TIMELINE: Mich. Vote Caging Scheme Exemplifies Mounting Dirty Tricks Operations

Cross-posted at Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters On Sept. 10, reporter Eartha Jane Melzer of online publication, the Michigan Messenger broke the story that the GOP of Macomb County, Mich. was planning to use public lists of foreclosures to challenge the eligibility of potentially thousands of low-income and minority voters in that hard-hit region. Since that time (and at least party through Project Vote's efforts to catalyze action to stop the illegal disenfranchisement), the story has been picked up by multiple news outlets around the country and generated a lawsuit from the Obama campaign and the DNC on behalf of potentially-disenfranchised Mich. voters.

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Once You Go Black...Pollsters Underestimating African American Voter Turnout

I think many pollsters and MSM type will be very surprised by the African American(AA) turnout this year.  Due to the historic nature and interest in the election by AA, I really believe that AA turnout will be phenomenal.  

Let me tell ya why...

I'm guessing that as in the rest of America, African Americans are in the minority when it comes to blogging.  But, that does not mean that African Americans are not paying attention to this election in other ways.  So how else are African American voters getting information about politics?  Well it's a combination of news, print, internet, etc, but I would say that many AA get our political fix from Urban radio shows.  Now, I bet not many of the MSM or white people in general listen to Urban radio. People like Tom Joyner, Michael Baisden, Steve Harvey, to name a few, who are nationally syndicated urban radio personalities.

I'm telling you, ya'll should check these shows out one day. All they talk about daily seems to be this election, and Barack Obama. They are on point when it comes to registration, voter suppression, and GOTV.

Not only that, there are AA church groups, fellowships, greek organizations, NAACP who are all doing all that they can to GOTV, and help elect Barack Obama. Trust me when I tell you that this election cycle, you won't have to worry about the turnout of AA voters. It's the voter suppression tactics that will be attempted that will need to be watched out for. And even on that subject, Urban Radio host daily talk to their listeners about voter registration and voter purges.

There are a lot of Urban Radio stations, they may not individually have the numbers that Rush or Hannity have, but as a whole, they reach a lot of young people, AA, other "urban voters".

Don't underestimate AA voters this year, you will be in for a surprise. This won't be another "why didn't AA turnout" type of election. This is our time, this is our moment."

These are what I would call the top 3 nationally syndicated AA radio personalites.  

1.  The "Fly Jock": Tom Joyner TJMS: The Tom Joyner Morning Show Estimated listeners: 10 million.  For more on Tom Joyner check out his wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Joyner

2.  The "King of Comedy": Steve Harvey  The Steve Harvey Morning Show

3.  The "Bad Boy of Radio": Michael Basiden  The Michael Baisden Show

For the best all-around, I highly recommend TJMS: The Tom Joyner Morning Show It's the oldest and the best.

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The Black National Anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner and Black folks

There is a lot of hating going on regarding one black woman and black folks in general. Have you been watching all the reporting in the national media? One black woman seems to have pissed off a whole bunch of white folk, and a lot of black folks too. There are many black bloggers who support the sister, yet are concerned like black blogger, Black Super Woman  who says, "I’m all for artistic expression, and think that she was definitely expressing herself in an artistic way by doing this.  I saw the tape on the news and it was a beautiful rendition of Lift Every Voice.  I just hope that this doesn’t turn into a “Black folks think they are uppity now that Obama is the nominee and if we elect him they are going to be uncontollable” moment.  I like it when we go buck, but I don’t want Obama to lose votes because the masses get scared of a potential slave uprising."

So folks, was the black woman wrong for what she indicates was an expression of how she felt about living in the United States, as a black woman?  Why didn't she do what Marvin Gaye did and sing the song she was contracted to sing?

Check out the report in USA today on the controversy after singer substitutes 'black national anthem' for 'Star-Spangled Banner'

A singer surprised dignitaries by singing Lift Every Voice and Sing, also known as the "black national anthem," to the tune of The Star-Spangled Banner during the mayor's State of the City address yesterday in Denver.


Rene Marie, who was introduced by City Council president Michael Hancock to perform the national anthem, says she made the switch without informing the mayor's office.

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