Adwatch: Tammy Duckworth (IL-06)

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Tammy Duckworth's campaign ads are out. And they're on YouTube!

The first one, titled "Duty", weaves her biographical story with Congress' failures to hold the Bush administration accountable for the failed policies in Iraq or the lack of an energy policy that meets the needs of the American people. No mention of the fact that it is a Republican congress, or that she is a Democrat. In fact, at the end she throws in the line, "I won't be a rubberstamp for any party in Congress." Stressing your independence is fine, but that line, IMHO, insults the Democratic base (YMMV). Now, IL-06 is more than 3:2 Republican in self-identification so perhaps it is forgivable, but I'm not convinced it's necessary.

Her second ad, "Truth", is a different ball game. It is entirely defensive, trying to set the record straight regarding Roskam's lies about her stance on immigration. She doesn't call them lies though and is almost congenial about the whole thing. Still no mention of "Republican lies" or that she is a Democrat.

I'm not sure who produced the ads, but if you have a subscription to FECInfoPro (anyone?) it can be found here.

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Adwatch: Chris Carney, PA-10

On the Web: Chris Carney for Congress

This doesn't talk about Iraq, but PA-10 is a special case district where the incumbent Republican is in trouble for other reasons:

The ad is a Republican father talking about his daughter and family values. It kind of beats around the bush a little bit, but I think it might be just enough to further hammer this message home: Don Sherwood choked his mistress / young staffer. It is tricky, becuase I'm not sure how direct you want to be. Then again, if you don't point it out here, when are you going to do so?

What do you think?

CA-Gov Alliance Ads

May I humbly submit our two new ads for Stoller and company to go to town on...

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Adwatch: New TV Ad: "Taking a Stand"

Bumped. In light of the messaging coming Murphy's way, what do you think of this ad? Also, Patrick Murphy is on the Netroots Act Blue page--Chris

Today, the campaign is proud to announce a new ad on both broadcast and cable television throughout Pennsylvania's 8th District:  "Taking a Stand."

On Sunday, Congressman Fitzpatrick and Patrick Murphy debated the biggest issue facing our country today: the War in Iraq.  Patrick Murphy supports a timeline to bring our troops home.  Congressman Fitzpatrick supports President Bush's open-ended commitment in Iraq.

The difference couldn't be any more clear.

Patrick Murphy:
"I have served in the military, I have lived in the military environment.  Where we have timelines for absolutely everything...In Iraq we had timelines to have their elections, we had timelines for them to pass their constitution.  We need a timeline to tell the Iraqis, to articulate to them, to show them, that we are not going to be there forever and that we are bringing our troops home." (Doylestown Intelligencer debate, September 24, 2006)

Congressman Fitzpatrick:
"[President Bush] has been bold, resolute and principled in that effort...He's a leader in that regard and we need to support him." (Doylestown Intelligencer debate, September 24, 2006)

If you're in Pennsylvania, check out the debate between Patrick Murphy and Mike Fitzpatrick on PCN at 8PM tonight.  It's clear: Congressman Fitzpatrick stands for the status quo, Patrick Murphy wants change.

MyDD Accountability Adwatch: Darcy Burner

The first Burner ad didn't have a good narrative arc, being largely a recitation of her biography.  This second one is much better, harder-edged, and takes on Reichert on the war in Iraq.  It follows the MyDD candidate memo recommendations.

She picks a fight over veterans care, emphasizes her opponent's ties to Bush, and frames her argument in progressive language, starting sharply that sacrifice for the country means that "you will be taken care of." This is a good ad from a netroots candidate who clearly listens to feedback.  

Ok, the adwatch over, I want to talk about Darcy Burner and why I think she's an important candidate.  I went to a fundraiser of a top-tier Democratic female candidate, and this candidate gave the same stale recitation of a Democratic agenda that could have been ripped out of the 1990s playbook.  The reason this person got the nomination is because she's been raising money for Democrats for ten years and is a good loyal Democrat.  Unfortunately, inn sitting on the fundraising-power circuit for so long, this candidate had become somewhat bland and unable to get a sense of the important issues at stake in this election.  If you've been planning your run for Congress for 10 years, that means you got into politics in 1996, and people who came into politics at that time and on the fundraising circuit don't necessarily have progressive interests at heart.  You might want to be progressive, but you probably don't think that grassroots organizing can sustain a political base.  For these people, the natural governing coalition is center-right, and though that can be changed, that's where they start from.

Darcy's not like that, she's a newcomer to electoral politics, a post-9/11 Democrat who gets what's going on in this country.  She's also incredibly smart, and one of the most exciting candidates this cycle.  Now, to be clear, the other candidate is running a good campaign and is a good Democrat, and I hope she wins.  I respect the work she did for ten years, and she deserves a shot and the support of the party establishment (which she's getting).  But there's a structural turnover going on, and the blogs are on the progressive side of that, since many of us came to electoral politics post-9/11.  In some fundamental way, the timing of when someone came into electoral politics explains a lot more about how one sees the route to change.  That's probably why the new progressive movement is so powerful on one hand and naive on the other.  In these last six weeks, we're going to pull together and work together with the party establishment, and hopefully we can keep moving the party towards the center of the country.

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