Adwatch: Stacey Tallitsch LA-01

Stacey Tallitsch has conservatives online apoplectic about this very, very recent ad (which I serendipitously came across while searching for something else). He's running against Indian-American Bobby Jindal in the fairly conservative 1st Congressional District in Louisiana. It's supposed to be safe enough that it is off the political radar, but I am sure some of you will enjoy it.

Via YouTube because I can't seem to embed it properly.

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CA-24: Preemptive Adwatch, Which to air?

I am the volunteer web-tech guy for the Jill Martinez campaign for CA-24

I know that the MyDD crowd has been watching a lot of campaign ads lately, and I thought you all might be interested in a few more. The Jill Martinez for Congress campaign has put up 3 propsective ads asking for feedback and donations to put one of them up on TV.

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SD-Gov Watch Jack Billion's First Campaign Ad!

Jack Billion came out this week with his first media buy.  The ad is great as Jack takes on the biggest issue facing South Dakotans - the Abortion Ban.  In the ad Jack comes down strong against the ban and Mike Rounds' position on it.  I think it shows some courage by Jack to take on this very divisive issue in his first ad. Jack is a doctor so you can tell when he is speaking that this is an issue that is important to him and this ad gives him the forum to give South Dakotans a bit of his biography. 7E

And here is the Actblue page for the campaign if you want to contribute. or

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Adwatch: Ned Lamont "Message"

Man, this is the feel good ad of the year:

Some people have said that Dean's campaign went wrong in late 2003 when it starting selling the Dean movement as part of the campaign. The criticisms went something like "people don't want movements, they want cheaper health care." I suppose the same criticism could be made of this ad, but I think it is done better. Sure, people don't want movements, but they do want something--anything--to stop Bush. Showing that you have a national movement behind Lamont working to stop Bush certainly helps sell the idea that Lamont can be trusted to stop him. The images of Lieberman yet again make the point that Lieberman will do no such thing.

Then again, like with the Dean campaign, it may be impossible for me to critique this ad with any objectivity. The movement behind Dean was one of the main reasons why I liked the Dean campaign. The same goes for Lamont. I can certainly understand that any electoral campaign is supposed to be about the candidate, and not the candidate's staff or supporters. However, I haven't seen an ad in a long time that made me feel this good. At the very least, it will appeal strongly to activists in the state, and really get them fired up to defeat Lieberman

Ned Lamont is on the netroots page.

Adwatch: John Cranley, OH-01

This is genuinely different. I'm note sure if I have ever seen an ad like this before:

This election cycle has featured more ads trying to make use of humor than I can ever remember. In my opinion, the funniest one is still Ned Lamont's "Wang Chung" ad, which was made even funnier because that was the song they played in the ballroom after Ned Lamont gave his victory speech. This ad from Cranley is different not only because it makes use of humor, but also because it uses a celebrity impersonator to mimic Bush. Basically, it the same sort of ad you would expect to see in a political campaign, but instead the candidate or a voice-over, this ad has someone impersonating Bush saying it instead.

I think it works. This ad is having a strange ability to stick in my mind. It isn't that funny, but it has kept me quietly giggling and smiling for about fifteen minutes now. It seems to have more of an endurance, slow-twitch muscle fiber quality to its humor, rather than being built for a sprint. Overall, I think this ad will be effective because it shows just how much Cranley opposes Bush. Because he makes fun of Bush, you are left with the impression that Cranley really doesn't like Bush at all, and even shares some of the cynicism about candidates who say they oppose Bush, but don't actually do anything to show it. It also gets a nice dig in on Chabot by having Bush nickname him "Chabby," which is a thinly veiled homonym for "shabby."

On the web: John Cranley for Congress.


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