DSCC's George Allen Ad

As Jerome notes over in Breaking Blue, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has decided to invest close to $1 million in the Virginia Senate campaign on advertisements going after GOP Senator George Allen Junior.


The ad is, I think, successful on a number of levels. First, it gets out a lot of information about Allen's voting record, pointing out some of his more outrageous stances, such as those on the minimum wage and body armor. Yout the real success of the ad lies in the fact that it uses these issues as a cover to go after Allen for his racially insensitive language, most notably targeting the "macaca" comment.

In order for Jim Webb to win this year, it is assumed that he will need to trounce Allen in the less culturally conservative areas of the state, particularly in Northern Virginia. This ad goes a long way towards achieving this end by reminding these voters, many of whom are averse to the type of racially-charged politics that once played (and perhaps still does) in other areas of the South, that a vote for Senator Allen is a vote for someone who, at best, is prone to making statements clearly offensive to racial minorities and, at worst, is a racist himself.

It's not a perfect ad, but it does the job it intends to.

Update [2006-10-10 11:40:3 by Jonathan Singer]: And, as an aside, Michael Forsythe and Miles Weiss of Bloomberg news report, "Stock options that Senator George Allen described as worthless were worth as much as $1.1 million at one point, according to a review of Senate disclosure forms and U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings."

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(Adwatch) NC-11: Charles Taylor's "I Heart Veterans" Ad - A Violation of VFW Bylaws?

To follow up on an earlier post about Charles Taylor's recent "friend to the Veterans" campaign ad - on Saturday night (10/7/06) a commenter @ BlueNC pointed something out that I found very interesting. Click on the pic below for the full-sized version:

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The Season for Apologies

Two very endangered Republican Congressmen, Tom Reynolds (NY-26) and Don Sherwood (PA-10) -- both of whose races the Cook Political Report downgraded to "toss-up" status yesterday -- have come out with ads apologizing for letting down their constituents.

It's an interesting strategy, partially owning up to part of a scandal to help deflect attention away from the remainder of the scandal (in the case of Sherwood the abuse allegations, in the case of Reynolds the allegation that he didn't do enough to confront Mark Foley with the information he had months ago). And while it's far from certain that these ads will produce their desired effects -- it could be that they seem too little, too late and actually end up reminding voters why they are unhappy with their Congressman -- given the fact that both Reynolds and Sherwood are currently trailing in the polls, it could be that they have no other option outside of admitting some guilt and hoping that voters will be in a forgiving mood.

Update [2006-10-7 19:13:17 by Jonathan Singer]: Apparently, Reynolds will holding a fundraiser for Sherwood this Thursday night. Nice.

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(Adwatch) NC-11: Charles Taylor Wants You to Think He Loves Vets

I'm not entirely sure where to start with this campaign ad that Charles Taylor is running in NC-11. Click here for a Google Video link (and if someone could let us know what we're doing wrong when we attempt to post embedded video and only get HTML code, we'll be forever grateful!!!) - watch it and come back below the jump...

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(Adwatch) NC-11: Charles Taylor Running His Campaign In the Wrong District!!!

The dirty campaign ads on tv and radio weren't enough, I guess, so here come the dirty campaign fliers!!!

I'm sure at least fifty-thousand of these have already been sent out all over WNC, so if anyone has seen this already I apologize for the redundancy. Someone sent this to me earlier this morning, and I had to share (click the thumbnails to enlarge):

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