Get Howard's Back, Get Each Other's Back

Click here to write some letters to help defend Howard Dean, his supporters (aka, probably you) and the Democratic Party from the coming Noise Machine onslaught.

I already wrote today about how DNC members are incredibly excited about Dean becoming the new chair, and how Dean becoming chair is exactly what we needed: to show that we know what we stand for, we will not hide what we stand for, that the grassroots are more than just an ATM machine (more here), and that we will not bow down to the Noise Machine, even in the wake of our November defeat.

Gannon is an important story. Among other things, it bought Dean some time. However, the Noise Machine never sleeps, and when the smoke clears the sliming will begin. In fact, it has already begun. For example, Via Political Wire, the Wall Street Journal engages in fact-less mass psychoanalysis:

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Electronic Town Hall

This is pretty cool: Although Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will deliver the official Democratic response to President Bush's State of the Union address this week, the Internet is allowing other lawmakers to get in on the act.

A Washington, D.C.-based Democratic consulting firm, @dvocacy Inc., is pitching Web-based videos to Democrats in Congress, promising them the ability to reach a sizable portion of their constituency. One early adopter is Rep. Pete Stark (D-Calif.). Stark plans to deliver his own high-tech response to Bush's State of the Union address via a Web video.

Constituents will receive notice of the video via e-mail.

I always like it when a new means of using the Internet for political purposes is developed, especially when they come from Democratic entrepreneurs. The idea of individualized responses to Bush's State of the Union is excellent--exactly the sort of thing Democrats can do in order to achieve much-needed diversity of function in their emails lists. Best of all, if these videos are done well, they can become extremely popular: A two-minute political cartoon lampooning both Kerry and Bush, put out by this past summer, had 10 million viewings in the month of July - three times the number of hits on both presidential campaign web sites combined - and has since been viewed another 55 million times. From new ideas will come a new party.

Netroots Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Our fight continues indeed! It feels like the election again. Even after Ohio, there is so much activist work taking place in the lefty blogosphere right now, I have decided to group it all into one post to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Please review the projects in the extended entry and take part in what you can. If you have an important netroots project that I did not mention, please talk about it in the comments.

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Put Bowers in front of the AAPOR

Hey everyone, the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) is holding it's annual meeting May 12-15 in Miami Beach. They've invited Chris Bowers to a roundtable conference on the impact of blogging and the web on polling during the 2004 election.

This is a great opportunity for Chris, he'll be speaking before the pollsters from CBS/NYT, ABC, NBC, CNN, Gallup, Pew, IPSOS, Annenberg, Mitofsky, Pinkus, Morin etc. Making those networking connections can't hurt either, they're great sources for blogging.

So I'm asking the MyDD community step up to cover the costs for Bowers to make the trip. I chipped in $30 toward the effort. After the cooking at the hands of Stu last week, it's good to see Bowers getting recognition for the fantastic work he does here. This is our turn to say thanks.

Plus, if we don't send Chris to the AAPOR, that means that the Republican bias of RealClearPolitics will be the sole face of bloggers at the meeting. That would suck. Send Chris Bowers.

Mercatus Update: Academic Freedom

Philadelphia DFA has taken up the cause of trying to convince Democratic Congressional Staffers from attending the Mercatus Center Retreat that I have discussed in the past (more info here). We also plan to "attend" the retreat ourselves, albeit in a slightly different fashion. (Hopefully, the D.C. area DFA will follow suit).

So far, I have received some emails on the subject, including a message from a Mercatus Center prof who vigorously protested to being classified as part of the Republican Noise Machine. A colleague of mine has contacted some staffers who were angry at our attempts to stifle "academic freedom," or something to that effect. And, quite clearly, Roemer staffers have not appreciated the characterization of the Mercatus Center I have put forth.

In elliptical fashion, I would like to deal with all of these protests by first addressing the notion of "academic freedom" as it relates to Mercatus.

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