Looking for Ghosts

I'm looking for ghost writers, particularly in the Corpus Christi area.  Today's  Daily Pulse included a letter in the Corpus Christi newspaper from an attorney.  It absolutely misrepresented the power of the judiciary, in a canard presently being strongly pushed by the radical right.  I would like to respond, but believe it would be better accepted from a local.  Also, I believe the letter I write below would be equally effective in other papers, and perhaps a stealth LTE campaign might be in order.

The offensive letter can be found HERE.  The truly offensive statements are the following:

Under article III, section 2, Congress, with President Bush's signature, can almost wholly restrict the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court has never denied that power given to Congress and the president.

Will President Bush press the Senate and the House in restricting the court's jurisdiction over legalized abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, the Pledge of Allegiance, and other social and moral issues that was never intended to be the sole decision of the courts. If not, he is not serious. And if the House and Senate will not follow such leadership, conservatives should stop wasting time and money on their campaigns.

This interpretation is fallacious.  I propose the following letter, and here both authorize and encourage anybody and everybody to edit and plagiarize at will.  I will also post this on dailyKos once it comes back on line.

There's more...


Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Senator Edward Kennedy during a conference call. It was a remarkable experience, as he answered our questions and casually spoke with great erudition about the Constitutional Convention. He made it clear that elimination of the judicial filibuster was an abuse of power and an abuse of the Constitution. Personally, I prefer the term right wing power grab to "abuse of power," and if any Democratic Senators or staffers are reading this, please contact the Rockridge Institute (it is a 501c) about that term and consider using it during the upcoming struggle over the filibuster.

The Senator is launching a website, TedKennedy.com, that is connected to his re-election campaign but, since he will almost certainly not be facing a serious challenge, will primarily function as a national campaign to help Democrats in 2006. Later today the website will have a full-launch, but right now it links directly to a petition supporting opposition to one of Bush's judicial re-nominations, William Myers. Myers is unqualified, extremist and in the pocket of anti-environmental corporations. Check out the site and sign the petition.

Stop John Bolton

Democracy Arsenal has a top ten list of reasons, as well as other resources, as to why John Bolton should not become the next ambassador to the United Nations. The simple reasons is this: tour UN ambassador should not favor the destruction of the United Nations.

The Boston Globe Reports that we might indeed have a chance to stop him:

WASHINGTON -- Senator Lincoln Chafee's office said yesterday that his constituency is "overwhelmingly" opposed to the nomination of John Bolton as US ambassador to the United Nations, signaling that Chafee is leaning against supporting Bolton in a move that could derail the nomination.

If Chafee, a moderate Republican from Rhode Island who serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, joins with Democrats who are expected to unanimously oppose the nomination, Republicans will not have enough votes to send the confirmation to the Senate floor.

We can stop Bolton from being nominated, but only in committee, and that can only happen with Chafee's support. So, here is the contact information for Chafee's offices. I urge you to contact him. Use the local number if you are in Rhode Island. Don't be bashful about calling his DC number if you are not. Because this is a committee matter, the entire country is one of his constituents for this.

Washington, DC
(202) 224-2921
(800) 662-5188
505 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

In Rhode Island
(401) 453-5294
10 Dorrance St. Suite 221
Providence, RI 02903

You can approach the call in a number of ways. First, you can simply thank him for opposing John Bolton, since unqualified candidates should not receive such important positions. Second, you could urge him to oppose Bolton. Third, you could urge him to oppose Bolton, and suggest some reasonable alternatives (former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, former Senator John Danforth, Senator Joe Lieberman, maybe even Senator Chafee himself). No matter which approach you use, be polite and be brief.

Activist Democratic legislatures

I'm over 90 now (sign-up if you haven't yet), so will plan on pushing for 200 if I don't win the initial drawing-- some Wal-Mart worker out there will get $1000, sponsored from the MyDD community, toward their healthcare costs. In Maryland, the state's Democratic leadership has taken matters into their own hands:"We're looking for responsible businesses to ante up . . . and provide adequate health care," said Sen. Thomas M. Middleton (D-Charles), the Finance Committee chairman, as the Senate approved the measure with a majority wide enough to survive an anticipated veto. A similar bill has cleared the House of Delegates, and legislators expect to reconcile their differences easily.

Lawmakers said they did not set out to single out Wal-Mart when they drafted a bill requiring organizations with more than 10,000 employees to spend at least 8 percent of their payroll on health benefits -- or put the money directly into the state's health program for the poor.

But as debate raged in the Senate yesterday, it was clear that the giant retailer, which has 15,000 workers in Maryland, was the only company that would be affected.

"This is crossing a bridge," said Sen. E.J. Pipkin (Queen Anne's), who joined the Senate's other Republicans in voting against the bill. "Annapolis is telling private business in the private marketplace what to do."

Damn straight it is, and the Democratic Party should nationalize that effort-- it'd drive the Republicans in DC into defending inadequate healthcare coverage as the status quo.

A Vast Left Wing Conspiracy? I Wish

Byron York is coming out with a book called the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. Both out of curiosity and as someone who is actively trying to help build a left-wing conspiracy, I'm wondering what vast left-wing conspiracy his book will discuss.If York is arguing that Democrats, bloggers, billionaires, think tanks, the media, the judiciary, Hollywood, progressive interest groups and academia are engaged in some vast left-left-wing conspiracy, someone better tell Democrats, bloggers, billionaires, think tanks, media, judiciary, Hollywood, progressive interest groups and academics that they are really sucking ass at conspiring. I have dreams that we will make it there someday, but let me tell all my conservative friends what should have been obvious enough to them from recent election results. For quite some time, there has been no left-wing unity, much less conspiracy, to speak of. If you think you are winning in spite of some vast left-wing conspiracy, you are really flattering yourselves.


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