Fundraiser for Hillary also Elton John - One Night Only

Here we go people! We have to big things going on RIGHT NOW!

First is this: Elton John - One Night Only at Radio City Music Hall for Hillary Clinton!

Tickets go on Sale Tomorrow - Wednesday 3/19 @ 9am EDT


Read more HERE! or click on the graphic above.

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Time For Some Positive Feel Good Hillary Clinton stuff! :)

For all of you Hillary Clinton supporters out there, take a few minutes and look at some great pictures from the campaign trail!

While you are there, don't forget to check out the ways you can help Hillary in PA and beyond!

Interesting in some Hillary Clinton gear? Well... here is the place for that!

Want to check out some Hillary Clinton videos? Well I am here to please.

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6 Million In 48 Hours for Hillary Clinton! - UPDATE x 3 - Added New Video

UPDATED: We Did It! I have now updated the diary to reflect the new goal of 6 Million in 48 Hours!

The actual total from 24 hours was over 3.6 Million!

Update 2: Now it is over 4 million and growing! KEEP IT GOING!

Update 3: A Message from Bill Clinton is a the bottom.

We are now at 4.8 Million and Going Up!


I love it when they push us to do what we can.

So I ask you, can we do this? Can we help Hillary Clinton in this latest fund raising drive?

6 million In 48 Hours!

Contribute What you Can!

Do what you can, donate your Time, Energy and Money! er

Get involved!

Mississippi ippi

Wyoming - This is a caucus, we need boots on the ground!

Pennsylvania vania

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While We Argue Candidates, Congress Is Set To SCREW US!

While We Argue Candidates Congress is set to SCREW US by giving bush what he wants AGAIN!

I am keeping this short because I am truly with out words, except the four letter variety.

From: Glenn Greenwald

House Democratic leadership: not just complicit but also self-destructive

The signs are unmistakably clear that what was always inevitable -- full compliance by the House Democratic leadership with Bush's demands on warrantless eavesdropping and telecom amnesty -- is now imminent.

read the rest here: 008/03/03/democrats/index.html

We all know what we need to do. Here is a link that can help you to contact ALL of your Representatives and Senators! ctory/

Be sure and HIT Pelosi and Reid!

Are they taking advantage of the netroots distraction with candidate diaries and infighting?

What does KKK rove have on these people that they are so willing to sell us out?!

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Affirmative Action--- should we end it ?

I am a Democrat, but am not committed to voting for Obama.  My practice has been to support the best candidate regardless of sex, race AND party affiliation.  Fortunately (or coincidentally), the Democrats have delivered the better candidate in the past few elections  (Gore vs McCain in 2000 would have been a tough choice).

In this cycle, I am very torn between McCain and Obama.  I do not care much for the latest flap of the day (his womanizing, or his African dress wearing.... is it possible to get outraged over something more silly ?)  On one hand, McCain is a war hero,  the most famous POW in history, and someone who can clearly forgive an enemy (Vietnam).. these are quite impressive.  On the other hand, Obama represents a break from some very nasty history (as would have Clinton, btw).

Obama is an unknown candidate: in my previous diaries, I have listed some questions for him.  Some of these questions are fairly serious.  For instance, I do not like his position on Social Security... I have MORAL objections to what he wants to accomplish on that front.

However, one very good reason to support him is that he represents a break from the past.  "Race does not matter", as he puts it.  Voting for him would mean that race, indeed, does not matter for a majority of Americans.

If that is the case, should affirmative action programs that are based on race be ended (and not just mended).  Conversely, if we were to elect HRC, should affirmative action programs that are based on gender be ended.

What say you, in this matter ?

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