Blog Action Day: Water

Blog Action Day is an annual event held every October 15 that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day with the aim of sparking a global discussion and driving collective action. This year's topic: water.

Right now, almost a billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. That’s one in eight of us who are subject to preventable disease and even death because of something that many of us take for granted.

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Slacktivisim: A gateway drug to activism


On a listserv for progressive activists that I am on there has been a ongoing debate about the term and idea of "slacktivisim" generally defined as the feeling of being a activist by signing e-petitions, joining Facebook groups, changing your twitter avatar or similar actions. The general consensus that I agree with is that it's a derogatory, useless term.  

However I think the debate about slacktivism is a useful discussion related to a important debate that the netroots needs to be having about how to integrate the online activism the netroots is so good at: raising money, signing petitions, writing blogs and spreading messaging and the more traditional tactics needed to win campaigns and legislative fights: calling voters and representatives, canvassing, data entry, organizing events and training activists. And it's a topic I will be discussing at Netroots Nation on the "Yes We Did: How Blogging Can (and Can't) Support a Field Campaign" panel with some awesome activists from around the country.

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Calling New Jersey: NOM Needs Another House Call

Californians Against Hate have twice had their representatives go by the Princeton, New Jersey offices of the National Organization for Marriage to get copies of NOM's IRS 990 reports, to no avail.

NOM is required by federal law to have these available for public view.  FWIW, in addition to having reps drop by, two certified letters have already been sent to the NOM office from CAH:


To no avail.

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Time For Bold Action

The United States economy is in dangerous water and will sink  if we place the nation's future on so-called private market recovery plans that are at best, "quick-fix band-aids" or, more of the same, bungling of our economy, at worst. We desparately this congress and this president to take bold steps at a time like this. Washington, through this president, has the caveat to take control and temporarily nationalize our markets and the banking system, enacting emergency regulations that all exotic forms of market speculation; eg., derivatives, short sales, etc., must be temporarily halted until adequate financial remedies are in place.

Our own history of the great depression has taught us that this is the time for Washington to take charge and exertit's influence as it did in the 1930's when it had the foresight to enact FDIC, Social Security, etc.    

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The Motherlode of All Voter Registration Diaries. Recommend and Get Busy.

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It is bookmark time and forwarding the LINK time.  All 50 States of the Union, Voter Registration Information Here.  NO EXCUSES.


A few things, you must be a U.S. citizen, resident of the state you are voting in, at least 18 years old by November 4, 2008, and sign your form. Changing or registering for the first time and mailing in your application, make sure you bring I.D. to the polls.

Voting Absentee for military or citizens living outside of the U.S., information at Vote from Abroad or Long Distance Voter.

Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming has same day registration and voting.

Most on-line registration, STILL, requires you to download the form, sign and mail it in.

National registration form is here. This form is applicable for all 50 states, remember you must show valid identification for first time voters.  In Spanish, here.

Felon Voting Information, per state, here and ACLU.

Election Protection Hotline: 1-866-OUR-VOTE;  (1-866-687-8683)

Lastly, the Obama Campaign has a voter registration tool on their website, here. Since the date is upon us to to register to vote, this tool allows you to register to vote, find out if you are already registered, get absentee ballot information and to give information where to go vote on election day.  Again, another tool to get folks registered to vote.  Please pass this link along.  We need every vote to win on election day.

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