Time Allotments For ABC News Clinton-Obama Debate In Pennsylvania

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Below are the time allotments for tonight's ABC News Democratic debate in Pennsylvania between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama:

This allotment represents total speaking time for each candidate, excluding their opening remarks.

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Second Philadelphia Debate Thread

You can read the early posts of this thread over the fold.

Update [2008-4-16 21:42:42 by Todd Beeton]:On gas prices, Clinton wants to investigate market manipulation. Obama wants to Q: Senator Clinton, you've said it's appropriate to use former presidents. How would you use President Bush? Uncomfortable laughter. "I'll have to give that some thought...It's a way to unify our country...I was glad President Bush asked my husband and former President Bush to help in the aftermath of the tsunami...but I'd have to give that one some real thought."

Obama: "I'd be more likely to ask the president's father than the president himself...This president himself has fed the divisions in our country."

Charlie Gibson: How are you going to make the case to the superdelegates at the convention?

Clinton: "We need a fighter back in the White House. We need someone to take on the special interests...I have a plan to give that money back in tax cuts to the middle class, who deserve it, who feel invisible and that they're not even seen anymore. We're going to tackle the problems that have been waiting for a champion to get back in the White House...It's going to be challenge but it's absolutely what we need to do. I'm ready to be the commander in chief. 35 generals and admirals believe that I am the one to take us out of Iraq, go after alqaeda and rebuild our military again. And I will turn around this economy...You can count on me. You know where I stand. You know that I will fight for you and together we will take back our country."

Obama: "When we launched this campaign, I felt that we were at a defining moment in history...The American people have lost trust in their government...The bet I was making was a bet on the American people, that they didn't want spin and PR out of their elected officials but they want an honest conversation...Change doesn't happen from the top down, it happens from the bottom up...My bet's paid off. The American people have responded in record numbers...If we're going to deliver on healthcare, improve education and deliver on the economy, we're going to need to form a new poliical coalition in this country and that's what we've done in this campaign."

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Is Sunday Morning Talk Show Apartheid: Really Gone?

Is "Sunday Morning Apartheid gone? Is there still a very clear division, an exclusion of blacks to a large degree on Sunday Morning Talk shows? Is America still a nation involved in " Sunday Morning Apartheid" or is Felicia Lee at New York Times right when she wrote, "Like the Candidates, TV's Political Pundits Show Signs of Diversity?

http://aapoliticalpundit.blogspot.com/20 08/04/is-sunday-morning-talk-show-aparth eid.html

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Points Edwards needs to make at tonight's NH Debate

In the latest Zogby Tracking Poll, John Edwards is still in third in New Hampshire, but he's not all that far behind if he can differentiate himself from his other two opponents.  The numbers are:

Clinton 32%
Obama 28%
Edwards 20%

Tonight is important, which is why I think it's a mistake to be defining Obama as an instrument of change, where the only difference is "approach." Obama is offering surface-level change (appearance and approach) less substantive change (who you get money from and how that will influence you).

Here are some points that I think may need to be made by John Edwards (in a "powerful" way) in order for him to set himself apart:

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Who won the debate

 Quick Poll on who won and comments

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