Path to 9/11 Jujitsu

It occurs to me that Democrats could be using "Path to 9/11" to their advantage.  

One of the biggest misconceptions extolled by this flick is that every member of the Clinton administration was distracted by Monicagate.  Clearly, the 9/11 Commission report disputes this fact.  However, why not let this factoid slide and allow people to assume that there was distraction while trying to deal with Osama Bin Laden and therefore the real fault for not apprehending/assassinating OBL lies with those doing the distracting. In this way, the whole plethora of investigations perpetrated by the GOP in the '90s can be used to beat them up for letting OBL get away.  That is, it wasn't Clinton incompetency, it was the constant distraction by the GOP keeping Clinton from doing his job that killed 3000 people on 9/11.  It's the GOP's fault.

The problem with this, of course, is that it implies that the Clinton administration did weigh Monica when considering what to do about OBL.  However, if this agrument is hit hard it won't matter because it will take the strongest link in the "blame 9/11 on Clinton" mime and and turn it on its head.

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Lieberman can't run as an indy

George Snuffleupagus (Stephanopoulos?) just said on ABC World News that there is no way Lieberman could run as an independent. The national Ds would not support him and he'd make a fool of himself (my translation).  Maybe not news, but it's good to hear a national news broadcast say that his bush is burned.

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Webb, Allen on ABC's This Week July 9

SUNDAY, JULY 9, 2006
* Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • Sen. George Allen, R-Va., candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia
  • James Webb, D-Va., candidate for U.S. Senate in Virginia
Confronting North Korea: Pyongyang's missile test-firings this week have put
the world on edge. The threat of a possible nuclear attack has the Bush
administration trying a new tack, forging an international diplomatic solution.
Our headliner this Sunday is one of America's leading internationalists --
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Richard Lugar, R-Ind. He joins me in
an exclusive interview to discuss the latest developments in North Korea and
the U.S. response.
Then, I go "On The Trail" to explore how the war in Iraq is heating up the
race for U.S. Senate in Virginia. In exclusive interviews, incumbent Sen.
George Allen, R-Va., and his challenger, former Reagan Navy Secretary James Webb,
debate the president's strategy in Iraq, immigration reform, and what impact
Webb can have on Allen's 2008 presidential ambitions.
On our roundtable, the New Republic Editor at Large Peter Beinart, ABC News
consultant Donna Brazile and ABC News' George Will join me to debate the
week's politics.
Finally, Alonzo Mourning of the NBA World Champion Miami Heat, on the kidney
transplant that saved his life, his amazing comeback, and what we can do to
make organ donations available to more Americans in need.
See you Sunday,
George Stephanopoulos
ABC News' "This Week"

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What is the penalty for one's 'credibility being questioned'?

Republicans like to slime Democrats with the anger meme.  For instance, there's this bizarro attack on Hillary Clinton:

When Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman told ABC "This Week" host George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has an anger management problem, there's a reason Stephanopoulos didn't look surprised.

"Hillary Clinton seems to have a lot of anger," Mehlman insisted. "When you think of the level of anger, I'm not sure it's what Americans want" in the White House, he added.

Though almost never reported by the establishment press, Mrs. Clinton's angry outbursts are legendary among those who know her best - including Mr. Stephanopoulos, who, according to at least one White House insider, had to absorb Hillary's verbal beatings when he was a top advisor to the Clintons.

Interviewed for a PBS retrospective on the Clinton administration six years ago, former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers described an incident where the then-first lady exploded at the diminutive aide.

"Mrs. Clinton got really angry," Myers recalled. "She attacked George, which everyone knew was coming, which is why I guess nobody was willing to ride in there to the rescue . . . Everyone just sat there and let George take the beating."

... While interviewing Mr. Mehlman on Sunday, Stephanopoulos offered no comment on whether he thought Mrs. Clinton has an anger management problem.

The notion that someone has an anger management problem is just another variation of the year 2000 'Gore is crazy' psychoanalytical bullshit.  Senator Clinton has by all accounts been a competent Senator.  These weird personal attacks by someone like Mehlman are quite sad, and it's about time journalists stand up against this nonsense.  

I keep hearing the line about 'credibility is being questioned' applied to the lying right-winger of the day.  The problem is, it doesn't matter how often someone's 'credibility is being questioned' if they are continually invited on TV and to comment in major newspapers.

So here's a bit of friendly advice for political journalists.  If someone lies to you or makes personal attacks like the one on Hillary Clinton, stop quoting them. It doesn't matter if Ken Mehlman is the head of the RNC.  He's not credible.  And if you impose no penalty for someone's 'credibility being questioned', then those who have no credibility will continually be placed in charge of the political system.

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