The Media's Creation Unravels: Why Obama Should Drop Out

Sen Obama should drop out of the race. Having just seen the new attack ad that the GOP is showing in NC -- condemning the state's Democratic leadership for backing Obama, replete with Rev Wright cursing America -- it is clear that Senator Obama is detrimental to the Democratic brand nationwide. As Jerome Armstrong wrote nearly one month ago, "That's fall-out from Wright, not against just Obama, but also Clinton, and most likely against the Democratic Party in general. It's branding of Democrats Obama, and Clinton, as anti-American."

Obama earned his lead early on, prior to being vetted. After he lost Texas and Ohio, the Wright videos appeared, shocking the nation. Slowly, information about his relationship to Rezko, and his affiliation with William Ayers have also entered the mainstream.


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10 questions for John McCain

Since George Stephanopoulos requests, over at PERRspectives Blog, Jon Perr has come up with a list of ten questions for Stephanopoulos to ask McCain this Sunday:

4. Given your past adultery, should Americans consider you a moral exemplar of family values?
You are the nominee of a Republican Party which claims to support so-called "family values." Yet you commenced an adulterous relationship with your current wife Cindy months before the dissolution of your previous marriage to your first wife Carol. Should Americans consider you to be a moral exemplar of family values?

You can read the other nine questions below the fold...

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As long as we're talking about lapel pins...

When they brought this lapel pin business up last night as some kind of whether-or-not-you-are-a-patriotic-Ameri can sign, Obama was forced to defend himself.

But no one mentioned that Hillary wore no flag pin.

I went back into the web and looked at Hillary in pictures and saw what appeared to be a Senate member ID pin on a lapel in one picture - not an American flag - and in the majority of pictures found no flag pin.

Then I did a Google search on John McCain photos. Guess what? No flag pins.

Gibson and Stephanopoulos must not have noticed these other candidates. And, of course, they were not wearing flag pins either.

Oh the UnAmericanism of it all!

Under The LobsterScope

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My personal fight against Jake Tapper and media bias

Something strange happened on Sunday and Monday.  Comments appeared on pieces at TPM (link) saying that the commenter had seen footage of President Clinton's comment about Jesse Jackson and that earlier versions had more.  And during this time the clipped video of the event that TPM had gotten from MSNBC had been linked to by Jake Tapper, a National correspondent for ABC News, even though an ABC reporter named David Wright had actually asked the question.  Others and I looked high and low for a full transcript or video and none was available.

A lot of us wrote that based on these comments, which were all unverifiable, it seemed that maybe the tape had been cut.  And then Jake Tapper and TPM both got what they said was a full transcript.  So we went looking for a full video to see if it matched the transcript.  And again, it was nowhere to be found.

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Politics Is A Blood Sport

Barack Obama has enjoyed hands-off, near-reverential coverage by the media and pundits. Only a few gutsy journalists as well as a few bloggers, like me, are investigating the skeletons in Obama's closet and questioning Obama's preparedness to be president. If Sen. Obama is to be the nominee, he must not only be thoroughly vetted beforehand, but he must also show that he can take the vicious GOP attacks sure to come his way.  I read two important pieces today that buttress my points above:

  • Digby, the extraordinary blogger at Hullabaloo, in "Pecksniffian Twit":  "The punditocracy's 'protectiveness' toward Obama is patronizing and insulting.  And this silly case of the vapors among the villagers over the 'nastiness' of the race and how it's going to tear the party apart is nearly guaranteed to make him look like a weak sister, which he isn't, and his elite supporters are falling right into the trap. Watching David Brooks and Mark Shields elbow each other to get to the fainting couch about the unprecedented horror of the South Carolina campaign (which as D-Day pointed out in the post below is a complete joke) is not helpful to Obama or Clinton. I would have thought that everyone would at least remember this little bit of negative campaigning.  It was only four years ago: [continued below]
  • An op-ed, "Worrying about Obama," in the Boston Globe by Democratic media consultant Dan Payne: "BARACK OBAMA has a realistic chance to be the Democratic nominee for president. As the only white employee at a Detroit civil rights organization years ago, I am moved by this remarkable moment in our nation's history." Payne continues:

    But as a media consultant to Democrats, I am worried. I want to know more about Obama. And I want to know it now, not in the fall when the Republicans and their thugs in "independent" groups start slinging the sludge.

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