Hillary Clinton's New 3AM Ad

The Clinton campaign just unveiled this ad on a conference call. This time the crisis is the economy and Clinton's target is John McCain.

Yesterday Barack Obama largely targeted McCain in a speech on the economy as if to cast himself as the presumptive nominee, now Clinton appears to be doing the same thing. I could get used to covering a race where both candidates try to out-criticize McCain.

Update [2008-4-2 16:8:59 by Todd Beeton]:Just another quick note, turning her focus on John McCain is really smart for a couple of reasons. Obviously it's best for all involved for her to turn her fire away from Barack Obama, perhaps most importantly for her so she doesn't scare off wavering superdelegates who fear she'll ruin Obama and the party's chances in November if he's the nominee. But also, it actually behooves both Clinton and Obama to focus on criticizing McCain because if this nomination is going to hinge on electability, as it seems it just might since ultimately the nomination will be left up to the subjective judgment of the superdelegates, letting the supers see just how they intend to go head to head against McCain, seeing sort of a preview of coming attractions -- whether through ads or just rhetorically on the stump -- is actually a really important part of this stage of the campaign, which, as sad as it is, is largely about wooing the superdelegates.

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