A Supporter's Open Letter to HIllary (draft)

(I’ve missed the last few days. I’m sputtering mad. I’m not sure what Obama is trying to pull, but at the moment I’m in a mood to meet simplicity with simplicity.)

Dear Hillary,

I’ll support you through Denver and through however many legal challenges and Eagleton revelations you might think of after Denver if Denver is idiotic enough to nominate Obama.

Pls do go ‘nuclear’ May 31, including enforcing the DNC rule that says Obama gets NONE of his Florida delegates because he violated the no-campaigning pledge.

Where I wll NOT follow you is into the Obama camp.

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Smear of smears.

with the unfortunate recent comments of james clyburn and many in the blogosphere that HRC has this machiavellian plan to destroy BO in order to run in 2012.  i often have asked people who parrot these points, why are you saying this?  and have never really got a good answer.

is it because HRC has not rolled over and given up?  or pointed out why she is the better candidate?  or because she questions BO policies, experience or statements?
i truly do not understand this accusation or the one where she is 'destroying the party.'

to me these accusations are utter nonsense and the worst kind of slander there is.  for those who are unsure - wikipedia has this definition of smear:

To damage someone's reputation by slandering, misrepresenting, or otherwise making false accusations about an individual, their statements, or their actions.  The opposition party attempted to smear the candidate by spreading incorrect and unverifiable rumors about their personal behavior.


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The inanity of the 2012 ulterior motive

Let's take James Clyburn at his word and assume that he is merely reporting what he has heard: that there are congressmen and African-Americans who believe that Hill is purposely trying to damage Obama in a way that will render him unelectable against McCain so that she can run again in 2012.  Besides the fact no one has offered any proof to support this hypothesis, these mind-readers must not think Hill is very smart.

Why would Hill believe that she would have as good a chance in 2012 than she has now?  Hill would probably face off with an even stronger group of competitors in 2012 if Obama fails to win against McCain.  Let's assume that Mark Warner ran against her in 2012; she wouldn't be able use the experience card against him and Warner would take the white male working class vote that she is winning against Obama.  Warner would probably have a slight lead among African-Americans and wealthy liberals.  The only base she would be able to count on would be women; she would be starting as an underdog in 2012.

There is a lot to criticize about Hillary Clinton.  Just as Obama suffers from a dash of Harvard law disease, Hill may suffer from a dash of criminal defense attorney disease.  However, no one has ever questioned her intelligence.  To believe that she is willfully destroying Obama's chances because she thinks that her chances of winning the party's nomination in 2012 are better than they are right now is not giving an incredibly smart woman enough credit.  

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Diary Poll Results: 62% Think Hillary Positioning for 2012

Is Hillary really maneuvering to damage Obama's electability so badly that he can't win a general election, thereby allowing her to run in 2012 before she turns too old to run?
Yes.    5 votes - 62 %  
No.    3 votes - 37 %  
Neither, she is trying to damage his electibility only so that she will be seen as the only viable nominee for 2008 in the eyes of Super Delegates.    0 votes - 0 %  

Results above mirror the growing acceptance of the proposition that HRC is nailing Democratic Party chances in 2008 Fall election, so that she can return and prevail as nominee in 2012.

Increasingly, the Net community is demonstrating its ability to spot, identify and publicize nuanced interpretations of candidate behavior which would have remained mysterious in the 1990s and possibly propelled candidates to unmonitored success.  Could it be that the sly, the Machiavellians, are now more likely to be caught in the act?  Your opinion here please as replies.

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Original Poll on Clinton "2012 Strategy"

Select tag "2012" and press "comment" under the "Monster Manipulations..." Diary.  Then take the original Fichetail poll(March 15)that 10 days ago on MyDD launched an entirely new way of looking at the Clinton 2008 "kitchen-sink" strategy vs. Obama.  The speed of the internet in communicating this original interpretation was clocked at 10 days from this obscure poll to a "Hardball" session last night reportedly dedicated to this entirely new Machiavellian view of Clinton's 2008 end game in 2012!

Another testimonial to the power of the internet and clear thinking!  

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