Gibbs doesn't get it. Bashes the "professional" left

In this The Hill interview, Gibbs bashes the professional left and expresses bafflement why they would be mad about Obama's performance and then Gibbs does the Blue Dog/right wing trick of attributing it to "ideological purity".

Well, Gibbs,  I am an example of a "moderate" who voted for Obama and is disenchanted. I am pro-voucher, pro-Death penalty, am neutral on gay marriage(though I am for civil unions and for open gays in military), neutral on taxes(I am not necessrily in favor of more taxes, though if the government shows accountability, I am not againt it). I am not even that set on universal health care though there should have been some sort of public option.  The whole torture thing wasn't even on my top list of issues though I did want to see it addressed.  it's obvious I am not a classic lefty. So I gotta say this. After 8 years of Bush, I EXPECT more liberal policies to be implemented now ,not because I am very liberal, but for a need to balance out the neglect for liberal policies in the last 8 years.

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Obama To Politick

"We have spent the last 20 months governing. They spent the last 20 months politicking. Now we've got three months to go, and so we've decided, well, we can politick for three months. They've forgotten I know how to politick pretty good." —President Obama, at a fund-raiser in Texas on Monday

Speaking at a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee in Austin, the President said that he will spend some time "politicking" to highlight differences between Democrats and Republicans. President Obama said he and Democrats have spent the last 20 months "governing" while Republicans have spent the last 20 months playing politics. Bemoaning the "fundamental lack of seriousness" on the part of the GOP, the President criticized the Republicans for not having any ideas different from those of former President George W. Bush. “The choice in this election is to go back or continue with the policies that are getting us out of this mess,” Obama said.

While the stepped up rhetoric is welcomed, the reality is that "politicking" is part of governing especially when the other side has done nothing but "politicking" the Obama Presidency not just into unpopularity but into near irrelevancy in the minds of too many Americans. It's not just that the lunatic fringe, if 27 percent is a fringe, thinks this President is a foreign born Marxist but that millions of Americans have been led to misunderstand his proposals and to discount the achievements of the Administration. For 20 months, this President has failed to wage the sustained day-in, day-out politicking battles required to have a successful, transformative Presidency.

In any case, cue the GOP's politicking attack line for the Fall:


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