Our Obama story

We came in touch with something special over the last few months, something that had already been happening for many months before that. People came together to work on something big, something much bigger than themselves. People came together in the spirit of community and leaving America a better place than we found it. People came together to not only support a candidate, but to also support the idea that there's nothing - no problem we face - that can't be solved when determined individuals join hands and get to work. So many of you have a story just like this. And that's what makes what happened so special, so important, so vital to the future of this country. This is our story.

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Remove Reid if Lieberman Remains

    I've about had it. The Democrats just won their second sweeping election in a row. In 2006, the anti-war, anti Bush message decapitated the GOP, sweeping them straight out of power in both houses of Congress. Not one, BOTH!! Two years later, we solidified the party's hold on Congress and kicked the GOP out of their most prized office, the Presidency.

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Florida "protected" marriage, too!

Thanks to "new" voters, Obama turned Florida blue.

McCain received only 48.4% in Florida, or 3,938,166 votes.

Obama won 50.9%, or 4,142,174 votes, and took this swingiest of swing states.

However, the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment did better than either.  

In a state which requires constitutional amendments to obtain 60% to pass, "Yes" for "marriage protection" received 62.1%, or 4,758,737 votes.  "No" received only 37.9%, or 2,909,086 votes (including me and my kids).

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More pesky Prop 8 facts

Facts are facts, whether people want to hear them or not.  

As more data comes in, the FACT is that a significant number of "progressive" voters, who delivered a massive California victory for  Barack Obama, also supported California's Proposition 8, which placed a ban on gay marriage in the state constitution.

"Ironically . . . a mathematical analysis of voting and exit poll data indicates very strongly that it was exactly that pro-Obama surge that spelled victory for Proposition 8."

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Camelot v. 2.0

My country just announced that we are migrating to a new platform to manage our domain, United.States.of.America.gov.  It's called Camelot v. 2.0. It is going to really change how we do things around here.  It is about time.

I am pretty excited because frankly, since Camelot v. 1.0 was removed, we have changed platforms every few years with sometimes awful results.

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