House Seats

It looks like Shays will lose in CT 4th, he was the last remaining Republican in the New England NE states.

I'm watching MD 1st, and Kratovil is ahead by 300 votes with about 32% in, against a wingnut. This would be a sweet victory, with Rumsfeld & Cheney living in the CD.

In the NY 29th, Randy "shotgun" Kuhl is trailing the Democratic challenger Massa by 3K with about 44% reporting.

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NLS calls Virginia for Obama

There we go, Ben Tribbett beats the networks.

Florida and North Carolina are next.

Also, Tom Perriello defeats Republican incumbent Virgil Goode in the 5th CD-- "They don't like gay porn in Charlotsville", TN

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9 PM Closers

More Calls.

McCain: KS, ND, WY
Obama: NY, MI, MN, WI, RI, NM

To early to call: TX, AZ, CO, LA, NM, NE, SD

Update [2008-11-4 21:5:25 by Todd Beeton]:NC & VA are still too close to call.

Update [2008-11-4 21:16:41 by Jerome Armstrong]:

IN: 62% in and McCain is barely ahead by 1% and lots of votes to count in Lake County.

VA: 64% In and McCain is ahead by 1%

NC: 40% in and Obama is ahead by 4 percent.

FL: 50% in and Obama is ahead by 4 percent, this looks very good for Obama.

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Election Thread

VA: It looks like Obama is going to do much better in certain counties that center around Richmond, but as expected, isn't doing as well in the SW part of the state.

IN: McCain is up by 5% with 42% reporting, but like the primary, the NW part of the state is slow in reporting, so the gap could close.

Alabama gets called for McCain. Georgia goes with McCain. Goodbye 400 (I'll take 300).

Florida: In the middle part of the state, both McCain and Obama are winning different counties.

The popular vote stands at 50-49, 6,723K to 6670K, Obama in the lead.

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8 PM calls

Obama: CT, DE, DC, MA, MD, IL, NJ
McCain: SC, OK, TN

Too close: IN, FL, VA, OH, MO, PA

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