Obama for President, Hillary for Majority Leader

As you scroll through my previous diaries, you can see that I am a staunch Hillary supporter. I thank her for her gracious bow out, her staunch support for Mr. Obama, and her courage to raise over $6,000,000 for our future President.

I will be giving up the diaries that try to point out why Obama may not win, to posting diaries that on why he should win. McCain is simply wrong on all the issues, and call me selfish, I will benefit more with an Obama Administration.

I do call you to action though with this request:
Hillar Clinton for Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate

http://www.salon.com/politics/war_room/2 008/10/07/majority_leader/index.html

http://tdg.typepad.com/hrcsenatemajorlea der09/

The Huffington Post even speculated about this way back in February. I see this as momentum building on her behalf. I think, as the article points out, it would be good for Obama's legislative agenda if Hillary led the Senate with their combined liberal and progressive ideals.

If you know of any more articles, posts, or blogs, please submit below so others can join.

Obama will be our next President and Hillary will help him every which way she can.

Your thoughts?

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Negative Campaigns: Are they all the same?

The Obama campaign is running a negative campaign message on the internet.  It is not the first, nor (likely) the last.  Yet I see a very specific difference between the Obama campaign's official messages and those of his opponents John McCain and Sarah Palin.  His are factual and pertinent to the debate about wether his opponent is fit for the office being contested:

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Wasilla Project - Indie filmmakers launch rape kit video

A group of independent filmmakers has launched The Wasilla Project

The purpose of the project is to produce a series of short (2-3 minute), video portraits of Sarah Palin and her hometown of Wasilla that can be a valuable addition to the prevailing impressions of her. As time and resources allow, we may do a longer edit as well, one which goes into depth on broader topics raised by Palin and her political career.

The audience for these videos are not the already decided on the right or the left, it's a much as possible people who are undecided, people who want to believe in an inspiring narrative, while voting in the best interests of themselves and the country.

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Cindy McCain and Charles Keating

Since the topic of the Keating 5 is no longer off-limits in the TM, and the Obama campaign has launched a counter-attack to deal with the absurd Ayers smears launched by the McCain campaign, perhaps it is time to revisit not just John McCain's culpability and lack of judgment back in the time of Keating, but also the intimate involvement of his wife.

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McNasty in the Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone's cover story is a scathing expose of John McCain's entire history and his self-proclaimed "Maverick" status.  

Here's the article:
Make-Believe Maverick

If we can push this article into the headlights of the TM, get them to cite it, get the video to go viral, and get the un-committed to read it, it will be a job well done.

The piece is a compilation of many of the facts about John McCain that we are already familiar with here. But this is the first current article that puts the entire history of John McCain and his false status as a "Maverick" and "War Hero" together for all to read.  As the author, Tim Dickenson states - It's about time we "vet" John McCain.


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