Nagourney, the Republicans, and race in presidential politics

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Adam Nagourney writes up a breezy little list of six what-if scenarios that might cause McCain to win the presidency.  None of the points, except perhaps one of them, actually reflects a dynamic currently in play; even if the one might be in play, they are all contingencies that rely on speculation about what might happen.  They sort of fall into the, "if wishes were horses," category.

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PA09 A bucket full of Bill

I seem to be hearing this of the country but where I live, in the PA09th, that is, The middle of the base of the Pennsylvania "T", including all of Blair, Bedford, Fulton, Franklin, and Huntington Counties, and parts of Cumberland,Cambria, Clearfield, Fayette, Indiana, Juniata, Mifflin, Somerset, Perry, and Westmorland Counties, Republicans are running for cover and hiding.

For example, our Congressman Bill Shuster (R-PA09) has refused four different invitations to debate.  Check the video

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Blogger Halcro admits to "responsibility" for Troopergate

Kudos to blogger Andrew Halcro and to the power of the blogosphere. We stand as sentinels of information gathering and dissemination and he is a fine example of one such netcitizen.

His diary, The blogger on the grassy knoll recounts the history of the Troopergate investigation, and the role he played in it.

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New Ads will attack McCain on Health Care

The NYT is covering the unveiling of a series of ads - focused on John McCain and other Republicans, and their stands on health care. The ads are produced by Health Care for America Now

In an article entitled Ads Criticize McCain, Republicans on Health Care the Times reports:

An independent group is spending more than $4 million to go on the air with a series of television advertisements aimed at Senator John McCain and seven Congressional candidates on the issue of health care.

The commercials, which were paid for by the group Health Care for America Now, assert that Mr. McCain and his fellow Republicans support "health care plans and policies that would leave millions of Americans on their own to fight the insurance industry."

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UPDATE: The truth behind the "$3 million dollar projector"

Watching John McCain stagger and stumble through last night's debate was hard to do.  I found it curious that he seemed stuck on stupid with an "earmarks" rant about Senator Obama having approved money for a "$3 million dollar projector".

When I hear the word "projector" it brings to mind the AV projectors that aides wheel into my classroom weekly.  I had no idea what McCain was talking about, and promptly forgot about it as the debate moved on towards the conclusion.

This morning, while reading through the roundups of articles on the debate, and other commentary on the campaign, I headed over to the NYT to read their editorial Politics of Attack and afterwards,
I decided to read and recommend comments, and post one of my own.

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