three one-point polls--shall we worry?

Another poll came out with Only 1.1% lead for Obama--IBD-TIPP.  The internals are odd, but this is the third poll in three days
showing only a one-point lead.  The AP poll was discussed extensively last night by Jerome, and the Battleground tracker on Tuesday (back to 49-45) make it three days in a row.

Suppose fewer young people vote?  Suppose they're not as Democratic?  Suppose the GOP's 73-hour program still works?
Suppose the partisan ID gap is only 2-3%?  

I know the average is 7.1% now, but I still think McCain is going to close the gap.  That means some McCain leads.  Are you ready for that?

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Will Clothes Cost Palin a Tax Cut?

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Via Ben Smith, it is reported that Sarah Palin's wardrobe expenses count as income under the federal tax code. As someone currently taking Tax I, this seems pretty obvious.

Her Alaska salary is reportedly $81,648. Add in the $150,000 of clothes, and her income for the year would be $231,648.

Taking that over to Obama's tax calculator and ... she will probably not get a tax cut anymore; she would without the clothes, though. (I'll not that I have no idea what Todd Palin made in the past year, and do not particularly have an inclination to find out.) She would have lower taxes under Obama's plan just using her income as Governor. (Again, sans anything from Todd.)

Incidentally, I think this account of the need for the wardrobe is fair. But I'd still argue that these constitute income.

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Chris Hedges' sublime brilliance takes no prisoners!

Bigtime kudos to blogger ToqueDeville for bringing Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges' latest piece to the blogging community's attention over at DKos, early this morning: "Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist Shockingly Leaves the Farm." ToqueDeville nails my sentiments about this brilliant piece in his intro:

To read him now is like reading Howard Beale, except smart. He appears to have had enough of the bullshit. And he's taking no prisoners. In fact, his excoriation of the ruling class he, as an Oxford chap, knows so well has certainly made him an enemy of such.

Behold friends, something rare and powerful is going on here. One of the most respected and revered journalist in the Western world has left the farm. And he appears to be lighting it on fire on his way out.

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Responsibility Or The Loss Of Credibility

     One of the many things that trouble me about the wealthy in particular and the Republicans in general is their apparent lack of shame for their blatant hypocrisy. For decades the mantra of the wealthy and their Republican mouthpieces has been the lack of personal responsibility of the poor. According to these people the problem with liberalism is that they have tried to use the government to "bail-out" the bad choices made by these unfortunate individuals and if they would only exercise some personal responsibility they would be alright. It is not the business of the taxpayers to support the bad lifestyle choices of individuals.

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First Positive Message from McCain!

It's October 17th, at 6:24 am Eastern, on News8 and I just saw the first positive campaign message advertisement I've seen from John McCain this election.  In this ad, Senator McCain does not even mention Senator Obama.  It's ironic that a positive campaign ad shows up after the debates are over, and I think it will be too little, too late for McCain's campaign.

3rd Debate Comments after the fold...

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