OH-14: Profile of Democrat Bill O'Neill

The Cleveland Free Times has a good profile of challenger Bill O'Neill (D) running for OH-14 (in the northeast corner of Ohio) against incumbent Republican Steven LaTourette. Also, Hillary Clinton will be in the district campaigning for Barack Obama Friday morning in Kirtland.

O'Neill's race has not received much attention outside the district, but with his strong and varied background as a Vietnam vet, journalist, union organizer, lawyer, appeals judge, pediatric nurse, and single father, he has a shot at winning this district with a PVI of just R+2. LaTourette has angered many constituents by voting for the Iraq war, breaking his promise and voting for the CAFTA trade deal, breaking his promise to leave after 12 years in office, and dumping his wife for a Washington lobbyist.

Background on the race here and here, and more on LaTourette here.

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The Triumph of Socialism

Senator John McCain and the Republican party has tried very hard in these last few days of the 2008 election to paint Senator Barack Obama as a Socialist, claiming from a very old quote taken out of context, that as president Obama would try to "spread the wealth" and "raise your taxes."

This is particularly ironic in that Governor Sarah Palin is governor of one of America's most Socialist states: Alaska.   Alaskan residents participate in not just socialism, but collectivism, as the natural mineral wealth of their state is collected and the money from the exploitation of that wealth is literally spread to all the residents making them not tax-payers, but beneficiaries of the state-owned enterprise.  Of course, that is not the whole truth either, as private companies get to extract their profits first, enjoying state enforced monopolies for the contracts they hold.

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The Magic Negro and Other Hollywood Myths

That's where Black characters are brought in to serve as noble, wise, many times suffering, "guides" to specifically help the main White character understand or transcend some deep metaphysical concept, trauma or life challenge. Counter Racism

    As we get closer to the historic election of Barack Obama as the first black President of the United States I can't help but be concerned about a phenomenon that I sense is gripping the nation in general and many blacks in particular. This phenomenon made famous by various Hollywood films such as Bagger Vance, The Green Mile, and many others throughout the years creates a mystical black character who is able to transcend the realities of life and help a white character overcome some challenge or trauma. Looking at our current national situation I don't think Hollywood could have scripted this any better. If there was ever a time for a "magic Negro" now would definitely be the time.

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Election Predictions

This is just something silly to do, like participating in a football pool...

Here are my revised predictions for the outcome of the election:

Obama with 393 electoral votes and 57% of popular vote; surprise states include: GA, ND, NC, IN, MO, WV.
The battleground is provably changed because the dynamic is changed.  I think if the election were pushed back a month that the popular vote would end up stabilizing around 62% for Obama; but some Americans just have not had time to get to know him yet.

Other predictions follow...

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The Financial Times endorses Barack Obama

Didn't see this posted anywhere, and I think it's a pretty important newspaper endorsement, for those who pay attention to global financial markets and opinion.

Entitled Obama is the better choice The Financial Times offered a qualified endorsement  of Barack Obama today.

US presidential elections involve a fabulous expense of time, effort and money. Doubtless it is all too much - but, by the end, nobody can complain that the candidates have been too little scrutinised. We have learnt a lot about Barack Obama and John McCain during this campaign. In our view, it is enough to be confident that Mr Obama is the right choice.

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