Well this is a first! Evergreen Fire Station polling place full!

Arrived just before 6 am and parking lot is over full (to the point it is a minor safety hazard) and there is a long line.

Line was entirely indoors by 7:15am, but the steady trickle of voters is still impressive in this very rural precinct.  Beth Roemmelt and I are greeting voters as they come in to vote.

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How McCain Lost This Election

     After tomorrow there will be plenty of talk from political pundits and talking heads that are probably a lot smarter than me about what went wrong for John McCain and the Republican Party. Despite the latest predictions by the McCain camp that he is "surging" this election will be called by 10:00PM CST for our next President Barack Obama. So as we await the results of the most historic election in our nation's history I would like to offer the Republicans my take on what went wrong.

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Pro-Life folks, listen up

I keep getting libelous emails from anonymous (cowardly) lie-spreaders trying to stir up fear and uncertainty about Senator Obama.  They seem to have a few common themes, but here is one that really annoys me because they are destroying an ally...   I am talking about the "Obama is a baby-killer" myth.  Barack Obama has made his position very clear; he opposes abortion as much as anyone in the country, but just not on legal grounds.  He choses to oppose abortion on moral, ethical, social, and religious grounds.

This is tantamount to a free will argument.  The religious argument goes, why would God give mankind the power to chose unless that choice is an important one.  By that argument Christians must choose to have Jesus in their life.  Likewise, citizens should have the power to choose life for the right reasons, but they need to be free to make that choice for moral, ethical, social, and religious reasons.

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Yet Another Election Prediction Contest

Here's yet another election prediction contest covering all 50 states, 11 Governor's races, 35 Senate races, and 109 House races.


Presidential: for each state, indicate the winner, Obama or McCain.

Governors, Senate, House: delete the line of who you think will be the loser.

Tie-breaker: Indicate what you think Obama's winning (or losing) margin will be to the nearest tenth of a percentage point, e.g, +6.3, -1.2, etc.

Complete contest below the fold.

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Voters Eager to Have A Stake in Historical Election: Early Voting Predicts Strong Turnout Tuesday

Cross-posted at Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

In the last two weeks voter registration and early voting has shown that voters are geared up and ready to take part in what has been called a "historical event" on November 4.

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