Election Hangover Open Thread

We here in California are experiencing some mixed emotions with the combination of Obama winning, Prop 8 passing and Charlie Brown locked in a 50-50 battle for the 4th district. Overall though, when I think of both the concept and the reality of a soon to be President Obama, I am ridiculously moved and proud of what we've all done in a few short years.

How are you feeling about the election? Which wins thrilled you the most and which losses broke your heart?


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Every Vote Counts

One of the more frequent excuses I hear from citizens who choose not to vote is that their vote will not matter.  Well, if yesterday's election proved something, it is that that excuse is completely invalid.  As it approaches a full day after polls closed we still have:

  • - no clear winner of the races for four (yes, 4) United States Senate seats
  • - no clear winner of races for at least four (yes, 4) United States Congress seats
  • - we don't know if California's proposition 8 has passed yet
  • - unable to call the electoral votes for two states (North Carolina and Missouri) and the 2nd CD in Nebraska

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Can We Talk?

     Now that the most historic election in American history has ended, can I speak honestly about the campaign? Even though I was able to recognize early on that this campaign was going to end the way it did (link) I have always been concerned about the makeup of the Obama campaign as well as some of the tactics that were employed at the state and local levels. I allowed myself to believe that because Obama had to rise above the race issue he surrounded himself with a staff that was primarily white not only at the national level but at the lower staff levels as well. I remember telling my parents that the reason I thought Obama was going to win was because the staff he employed at least the ones that I had met were whites that were non-traditional politicos. Many had not taken part in an election in many years, if ever.

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Alaska Senate/House Update: Tens of thousands of votes to be counted

Right now, both Mark Begich and Ethan Berkowitz are trailing in their respective races for the House and the Senate. But it is in no way certain that they will lose, because right now there are potentially 100,000 uncounted early votes.

I was at the Interior Democrats results-watching party in Fairbanks this evening, and it very quickly became clear that the results, as shown, simply do not comport with electoral reality. How do we know this? Simple: look at the numbers.

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Perfect Obama Fieldwork Operation in Wisconsin

Fitchburg, WI - Worked the early shift today at a high turn-out ward in Fitchburg, WI, next to Madison.

We received two separate knocks at our door in last three days.

I worked as an election inspector from 6:00 AM to 1:30 PM.

The register-at-the-poll crowd was huge in the morning, and was steady when I just left now.

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