What Were The Best Ads of the Cycle?

As I've thought back on the 2008 election cycle, I began to think about what the best ads we've seen this year have been. The big question, of course, is how does one define "best." Seems to me there are two main qualities that define a good ad: the ad must be memorable and successful. Memorable is, of course, by definition subjective and for me an ad must either be out of the ordinary or provide an unexpected emotional jolt to stick in my memory banks. The success of an ad can be judged to some degree by an objective measure: whether or not the position of the ad prevailed on election day, although clearly it's difficult to measure the extent to which a single ad contributed to a candidate's victory or defeat.

A third factor that goes into judging an ad, for me, is whether the message has integrity or whether the purveyor of the ad is simply being manipulative. Two of the most memorable ads of the cycle, both of which might be said to have been quite successful in the short term for their respective candidates, are also two of the worst ads of the year: Hillary Clinton's 3AM ad and John McCain's Celebrity ad.

Join me over the flip for 3 of my top ads of the cycle. Nominate yours in the comments.

Update [2008-11-28 19:46:49 by Todd Beeton]:In the comments, Jerome reminds me of Al Franken's Running Man ad, which was definitely a good one. I think I prefer the DSCC's "The Anderson's" ad though. "Norm's gotta go" is one of the most memorable closes to any ad this cycle. I've added both over the flip.

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Exit Poll Analysis Suggests Obama Victory Due to Surge in Youth and Minority Voting

The United States saw dramatic increases in voting from traditionally underrepresented groups, including minorities and young voters, according to a new analysis released this week by Project Vote. If borne out by systematic analysis of the voter rolls, this change in the electorate is evidence of the power of successful voter registration drives and an indication of the strong inclination of voters to participate in the process when candidates address their issues.

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I finally took down my Hillary sign

Today I was paying some bills at the dining table and when I finished with that I took care of one more chore:  I finally took my Hillary sign down from where it had been taped up on the dining room window looking out on our Santa Monica street.

It's been a logical progression.

After the primary, I talked to other Clinton supporters, people whom I generally understood very well.   My pitch was simple:  the uncertainties of Obama are better than the dread certainties of McCain.  Not exactly the raving exultations of the Obama echosphere but then they weren't my audience.

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On the 4th We Voted, On the 5th We Celebrated,...

...on the 6th, We Went Back to Work

I realize that this diary is a bit tardy, but the point remains rather germane: only a brief victory celebration is in order. We may not be fighting conservatives, but rest assured, conservatives are already fighting us.

We may have taken time out to celebrate an outstanding triumph of progressivism over conservative ideals. It could be argued that, despite Bill Clinton's victory in a conservative era, the country has been center right since the time of Ronald Regan. The election of Barack Obama is a huge triumph for liberalism. Celebration clearly is in order.

And conservatism is in shambles. What is left of conservatism besides anger, fear, and hatred? Name one virtuous position (something, say, Jesus Christ or Ghandi or Buddha would agree with that) conservatism stands for? Yet beneath the surface of a sullen and defeated conservative movement, the roots are very much still alive, already fighting us. It could be argued they started preparing even before the election.

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Perplexed by a Bumper Sticker

On the way out do run a few errands, my partner and I noticed this odd bumper sticker on a fairly new Nissan Maxima driven by a young woman along U.S. route 50 in Chantilly, VA.

McCain/Palin sticker with McCain taped over or blacked out

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