Finances 2008

I was surprised to hear from Chris that Clinton's burnrate was actually a bit lower than Obama's:

Operating Expenses + Debt       Q1         D
Obama                         6.7M
Clinton                       6.6M
Edwards                       3.3M
Dodd                          1.3M
Richardson                    1.2M
Biden                         1.2M
Gravel                        195K
Kucinich                      194K
Obama didn't actually ramp up till February, and so I'm wondering if Clinton actually put a lot of January expenses into her Senate campaign before declaring in February too? Now, for the Republicans, I am totally shocked at how high they were:
Romney                       13.7M
McCain                       11.4M
Giuliani                      6.1M
Brownback                     1.0M
Romney, and McCain not far behind, blew through that much money in Q1?!?

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New Hampshire's UNH/WMUR poll

WMUR has their second poll out of NH, so we can start to see some trendlines:
              Feb        April

Clinton       35         27
Edwards       16         21
Obama         21         20
Gore           8         11
Richardson     1          4
Biden          3          2
Dodd           0          1
Kucinich       1          1
Clark          1          0
Gravel         0          0
Sharpton       0          0
The basic thing standing out is Hillary Clinton dropping 8 points that's picked up by Edwards/Gore/Richardson. It's become a tight race in New Hampshire between Clinton, Edwards and Obama all of a sudden. And if Gore were to jump into the race (I doubt it's even close to too late), he would likely be right in the mix as well.

I have remarked that Clinton has been the strongest at putting together an organization in New Hampshire to date. I don't think either of the other candidates are even close to where Clinton is in organizational strength in NH, but Clinton has some problems emerging.

Her positive/negative rating is the worst, at 64/27, but she also ranks first in those listed as which of the Democrats have the least support, at 17 percent, among the top three.

Compare that with Edwards who has an favorable/unfavorable of 80/8 and Obama with 69/10 with just 2% choosing Edwards and only 4% choosing Obama as their least favorite Democrat.

I was quick to think that the Edwards bump is due to Elizabeth (the NYT's updates that her situation is more favorable), but when asked if that affected any view of Edwards, it was a wash, with 5% saying more favorably, 8% saying less favorably, and 87% saying it didn't play into their decision.

Bucky at DU also takes a look at the poll. Blue Hampshire has a couple of great reads on Edwards at Stonyfield and Obama at Keene.

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1Q Fundraising Totals

Here's the latest on the 1Q fundraising numbers:

            1Q(internet)  General  Senate  Total   COH     Donors

Clinton     $26M (4.2)             $10M    $36M            50,000
Obama       $24M?                                          83,500
Edwards     $14M (3.3)    $1M              $14M            40,000                                             
Richardson  $6M                                    $5M
Dodd        $4M                    $5M     $9M     $7.5M
Biden       $3M                            $1M

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Fundraising totals

Well update this once we get the final numbers:

            1Q (internet) General  Senate  Total  COH   Donors
Clinton     $26M (4.2)                 $10M      $36M   50,000
Obama       $22M?                                       83,500
Edwards     $14M (3.3)    $1M                    $14M   40,000                                             
Richardson  $6M
Dodd        $4M                            $5M
Biden       $3M                            $1M
Records smashed:
Republican Phil Gramm of Texas and Democrat Al Gore of Tennessee held the records for first-quarter receipts: $8.7 million (€6.53 million) for Gramm in 1995 and $8.9 million (€6.68 million) for Gore in 1999.

Update [2007-4-1 19:41:33 by Jerome Armstrong]:

Aides to Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Conn., said he raised more than $4 million in the quarter, transferred nearly $5 million from his Senate campaign account and had $7.5 million cash on hand.
Dodd comes in with numbers above Biden.

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