Barack Obama....the Establishment Candidate?

Everybody in Washington is fixated on this quote from Mark Halperin's and John Heilemann's new book Game Change. In 2006, as it became clear to the Democratic Party establishment that Hillary Clinton planned a presidential bid and that she would be the heavy favorite going into the election cycle, panic set in. She might be too divisive to the general election. She will be a drag on down-ballot candidates. In the summer of 2006, then Senate Minority Leader (soon to be Majority Leader) Harry Reid summoned then freshman Senator Barack Obama to his office to encourage him to run for the Senate.

The quote that has Washington in a tizzy falls at the end of the first paragraph (highlighted). What I am interested in are the five paragraphs that follow.

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This diary is Not about Hillary or anti-Obama

Notice a pattern in the Rec List?

This diary is not about Hillary Clinton getting "cyber-lynched" by Obama supporters who want to "take away women's rights." 
This diary is not about Obama's "fundamental changes" or how he's advocating "taking away rights of women" on abortion or about how the "cultish" Obama supporters should get used to it.

If you don't want those types of diaries up there, please rec this up to push at least one off.  A blank diary would be better.

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Pfleger a scumbag? Another apology? STOP MAKING DEMANDS.

I want to preface this by saying that we should recognize that we're in a bit of a bubble here.  MyDD has as much to do with how ordinary people think about politics as any other political blog- not very much.  For all the fire and brimstone we spout on here, it's important to remember that for many of us (myself included), politics, specifically as they relate to the Democratic party, are one of the most important things in our lives.  That's not how your normal average everyday "I got my news at 3pm from before I clicked back to work email" citizen thinks.  So what seems so monumental here on this blog is small potatoes to 90% of folks.  I think that in a few weeks, 95% of people are going to be rallying around our nominee and ready to FIGHT McCain!

But for now, it's still the endgame.  The whole Clinton vs. Obama thing is coming to a close.  Your first choice or not, Obama is going to be our nominee.  While it won't be officially cemented until early next week, it'll be undeniable as of tomorrow afternoon.  

Now, in our bubble, there are still those that don't get it. And today we have some more "gotcha" fun.  We've got a fiery pastor (yet again, since that worked SO well in derailing Obama the first time), and this one said some things regarding Hillary Clinton that admittedly weren't so nice.  These comments were said in a black church, and therefore, as sometimes happens, race was addressed.  And so was entitlement.

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Obama's May 20 Bash: A Cynical Replay of Election Night 2000 (with update)

Think not??

I'll take you back to that fateful night in a moment.

But first, listen to strategist David Axelrod on WCCO, the CBS affiliate in Minneapolis, MN the night of the May 8 Indiana and North Carolina primaries. (The video is the top left "thumbnail" located just above the video player in the event the current news plays rather than the Axelrod video; you will also have to endure a short Coldstone Creamery ad).

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Normalizing the Popular Vote

It's happening again. You know what I mean- the bold predictions that Hillary Clinton will in the end come out on top of the popular vote, along with analyses that states she will not. As much as I respect Chris Bowers and his analysis at the latter link- this falls into what we know is a false narrative.There is no such thing as the "popular vote" as a measure of support for the Democratic nomination.

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