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a must see on photos crime related exspenses gubernatorial crimes in 2006 and much much more down loaded and scanned p>THE LETTER WENT TO JOHN MCCAIN ON TUESDAY I TOLD HIM I WOULD ACT AS VICE PRESIDENT I RECEIVED A LETTER FROM HIM MID JANUARY WHERE BOTH NAVY VETS,AND FOR SURE CAPABLE OF RESHAPING THE WHITE HOUSE AND THE UNITED STATES AND WOULD BE A GOOD TEAM IF HE ACCEPTS ,THE LETTER WENT TO VIRGINIA HIS CAMPAIGN SITE IT COULD MARK HISTORY IN ELECTION'S AS I HAVE TWO SUIT CASES OF FILES ON THE DEMOCRAT'S AND CRIME'S THEY WON"T HAVE TWO LEGS TWO STAND ON THE DEMOCRAT"S AND MY NEPHEW INLAW IN PLYMOUTH MASSACHUSETTS BRIAN IS GOING TO MICHIGAN PROMOTED IN THE ARMY AS CHIEF RECRUITER POSTION INVENTER OF THE INTERNET MICROCOM STEPHEN D MACMILLAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE 2008i was kicked ot a week before my daughters rape trial by judge lisa roberts found on false gubernatorial pat johnsons site the wife and the stepson was accused and the judge lisa roberts had no problem the stepson had just threatened me and had a sword and committed two 209a orders aug 9,2004 this was a second divorce proceeding see sandwich mass police report aug 9,2004 and the 30th i was kicked out of a nice home for child support reasons only that ruined the rape trail on the second wife they where jealouse,well that judge works for tom reilly both democrats,and the lawyer the exwife has is at 460 west main st hyannis, ma 02601 legal services tom reilly just cut a deal with drug enforcement officer and sent him to 460 west main st anger management cape human services at 460 west main st oth agency's share the same office desks see news paper archives jan 9,2007 i was was a former gubernatorial so was tom reilly attorney general and apt johnson him controlled the election in 2006 by using goverment usage tech,mrs white lured the wife into the divorce who works for tom when i filed the rape case with plymouth police in may 2004 detective jame lopes and we moved to sandwich cant be filed there,she the wife second was the one that molested my daughter at the rape trail dismissed on the stepson sept 16,2004 just as i was orderd to leave the home by probate judge lisa roberts and know the appeals court and lower court goofed are trying to kill me and kept me captive on capecod in the gubernatorial race i couldnt go with healy,christy,tom,patrick to the events the rape trial sabatage took my licence child support,and the secretary of state was concerned i know he"s a good guy but i was freinds with his nephew also named william galvin in hyannis and he killed a guy in self defense snaped his neck and the media would make a big deal about this,and the stepson was freinds with chris rose found at the murder seen jason wells aug 7,2004 the garmet bag found and given to sandwich police dated aug 7,2004 and a black suitcase that was dated aug 7,2004 no one saw punty shoot wells see in sandwich mass i was living at 20 nottingham dr east sandwich,ma 02537 new home when democrat judge lisa roberts threw me out of the martial home a week before the rape trial on the wife for childsupport based on bougus restraining order that the judge knew for sure it was and appeals court and lower court are trying to kill me know because the evidence came later see massachusetts appeals court docket 2006-p-0406 its present right know

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2007 couldn't come fast enough!

Jan 1 2007
Thankfully, 2006 has ended and a new year has begun..
2006 was a year of political unrest, exasperation and confusion. The past year wrought further erosion and destabilization to the Middle East. Our own governments' misjudgment and error added to the tragic loss of lives and the needless destruction of much-needed infrastructure in Iraq,  together with the deprivation of even the most basic of civilized needs. All of these things have resulted in the tragic, and almost total destabilization of Iraq. To further complicate matters, our inadequate planning for the Middle East was reason enough for Iran to fill the political vacuum in the region and become a major power. In the meantime, by consorting  with it's Russian and Chinese friends while openly  defying  the rest of the world,  Iran will soon have it''s own ability to build nuclear bombs.
At the behest of the U.S., Israel's political situation was further complicated by  elections that brought Hamas, the radical group of Palestinians to power. We ask, why hadn't our government realized how extremely popular Hamas had become? And, why hadn't Israel known of Hamas' popularity and speak out against the elections? Perhaps answers will be forthcoming in the future.
The elections of 2006 have brought us a much-needed change in Washington. No longer does George Bush command a Republican majority that became known as "The Do-nothing Congress." A Congress that would march to the beat of Mr. Bush's drum. A Congress that set a new record for the fewest number of days in session. A Congress that angered and humiliated the American people by it's criminality, it's deviant debauchery and scandal.
It was the will of the American people that chose to change our nation's direction by electing a Democratic majority. Make no mistake,  final judgement for our nation's future is the property of the American people. Those who serve in government, serve at the pleasure of the American people.  The American people expect full cooperation on the part of the president and the legislature to bring us back to the proud heritage of our forefathers.  Many ill-conceived programs were forced upon the American people, both here and abroad, during the past six years. These programs must be rescinded at the earliest possible date. All of us must be ever-watchful of the new Congress and it's activities. America expects the new leadership to be strong and to challenge this president at every turn. Our government's concern should never have focused on this president and his political advisors but on what's best for the American people and our nation.

(signed) PoorBensJournal

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Not Lying Down

As 2006 ends and 2007 begins, each of us must not only make the traditional resolutions, but resolve that we have had enough (remember our cry during the election), that we are not going to take it lying down any longer.

Six long years end, as we begin a run of the last two years of the Bush administration. An administration rote with abuse, corruption and intimidation.

Most of the American people have set back and watched as Bush and his cohorts have did their best to tear up the Constitution, leaving it frayed and bruised. Set back and watched as Diebold has disenfranchised their vote. Set back as our elected Representatives in Congress have been corrupted, and intimidated into allowing this destruction of our Constitution.

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The Dangers of "Big Tofu"& the Weirdest of the Right in DMI Year In Review

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Last week the blogs were been buzzing - or more accurately, guffawing over a piece by a rightwing columnist claiming that consuming soy makes babies gay. (Clearly, somebody needs to visit soy-loving Asia and read up on some basic science and gender studies texts but what do you expect). This great video by the folks at Politics TV does a smart and hilarious send-up of the "debate". If you're the person who hasn't seen it yet, do watch the video here.

Seriously loony, right? Well the Eye on the Right section of the Drum Major Institute's Year In Review reveals a better connected but just as nutty attack on all things soy authored by rightwing think tank, The Competitive Enterprise Institute.

In their report called "Put a Stop to 'Big Tofu" the think tank wrote "More powerful than Big Business or Big Oil is Big Tofu, which is exerting its coercive influence on the American diet." It should be no surprise that the CEI sticks up for big oil - going so far as to even deny global warming - because their funding comes from Texaco and Amoco.

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Democrat Foster Campbell To Run Against Blanco In Louisiana

Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell has indicated he plans to challenge Gov. Kathleen Blanco for the Democratic nomination for governor. Campbell is a farmer and businessman who served 27 years in the Louisiana Senate before being elected Public Service Commission in 2002 to represent the North Louisiana district of 24 parishes with over 1 million people. He has been a frequent critic of corporate power, corruption, and special interests and will run a populist style campaign in a state that has a long tradition of electing populist politicians. yId=71

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