The NJ-39 Series: When it comes to ethics, Cardinale is "Gerry" -atric

In my last article on New Jersey's 39th Legislative District, I discussed how Republican State Senator Gerald "Gerry" Cardinale has become entangled in the "culture of corruption" (to borrow a national term) that plagues New Jersey. To recap, in 2000 Cardinale introduced four pieces of legislation to improve profits for the banking industry; over the next two months, he received nearly $6,000 in vacation money from the same industries he was proposing to streamline. Coincidence? I don't think so, Gerry. Luckily, Democrat Joe Ariyan, his opponent has been taking it to Gerry on the stump and in their debates. You can learn more about him at Voice for the 39th - Ariyan, Fletcher and Manna

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Real Bipartisanship

This is a big issue in the 2008 presidential and some congressional elections.  So, why is it important?  Here's why.  

"A tie would be just great," says Shuler, who will quarterback and coach a team of lawmakers when they take on the Capitol Police in a flag football game Oct. 22.

Lawmakers versus DC Police.  Sounds like a pretty lopsided game.  

Shuler's colleagues were quick to draft him, even though the North Carolina Democrat's short-lived NFL career fell short of expectations -- to put it kindly.

"It's a little easier than playing for the Redskins," said teammate Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., who will be holding the position of wide receiver.

It sounds like the congress is in for their biggest fight of the year.  YES!  Football!  Something most Americans love.  We can't win without players from both sides of the fence, and we are against a form of executive branch.  Don't worry, we have more players than just Zach and Heath.  

But Wamp, who's still smarting from the trouncing the congressional team took from the police squad last year, is convinced that Shuler can help deliver a win. So sure, it seems, that he's already boasting of the touchdowns he and Shuler will put up as the "Tennessee tandem."

But it may take more than the Tennessee tandem to pull off an upset. So, this year's congressional roster also includes freshmen Jason Altmire, D-Pa., who played for Florida State, and Michael Arcuri, D-N.Y., who played at State University of New York, Albany.

I thought it was a nice article and hope you guys enjoy it too. s_back_in_the_pocket_and.html

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The NJ-39 series: Cardinale caught red-handed on ethics

I suppose one could call this a "breaking" news story, but in a way it's not: the story goes back several years, and revolves around a Republican State Senator in New Jersey who's been around for 28 years - Gerald Cardinale. "Gerry" (as he's more commonly known) is an out-of-touch conservative obstructionist in a progressive state, and he's in the fight of his life this November against Democratic challenger Joe Ariyan (Here's his website) . But Cardinale's fight just got a bit tougher, as he's now being accused of violating the state's legislative ethics laws. Which, in fact he has repeatedly done over the years, to his advantage and to the disadvantage of his constituents.

Read on to see what I mean...

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The NJ-39 Series: Cardinale = Silence for Public Meetings

By Stephen Yellin

On his new campaign website, Republican State Senator Gerald "Gerry" Cardinale explains in a video clip why he's established the site: "So that you can know the truth about my record." I'll be happy to take Mr. Cardinale up on his offer, as I have been doing for the last month, and bit by bit reveal to you, the reader his extraordinarily extreme record in 28 years as a New Jersey legislator. For example, Cardinale talks a good game when it comes to government transparency, but did you know that he prefers cutting off newspaper advertisements of public meetings? I didn't either at first. But if you get to know the real Gerry Cardinale as I have, you'll understand as well as I do why he needs to be defeated on November 6th.

Read on if you want to know the dirty details...

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NJ-39 Series: Cardinale the Stem-Cell Obstructionist

By Stephen Yellin

Just yesterday I wrote about New Jersey's upcoming referendum on Stem-Cell research, and why the proposal is an excellent one for New Jersey both economically and as a step in a progressive direction for the state. But while the voters of New Jersey will have their say on November 6th on the issue, they'll also have their say on 40 legislative districts across the Garden State. One of the most competitive ones that will be decided is one I have covered extensively before - New Jersey's 39th Legislative district, located in Bergen County. And one of the biggest opposition leaders in Trenton to the Stem-Cell referendum is Gerald "Gerry" Cardinale, the GOP's State Senator in NJ-39. Think Mitch McConnell as a purely New Jersey-style legislator, and you've got Cardinale. And like Mitch McConnell, Gerry Cardinale must be defeated.

Click here to learn more about his opponent

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