Crafting the 60 Percent Position

Democrats are about to transition from a period where we were focused largely on winning electoral victories (ie. winning back power) to a period of governance.

In this period we will be focused both on maintaining and expanding our electoral success and the core mission of any majority party: crafting policy and moving our legislative agenda.

The laws we write are as important as the electoral victories we win. In fact, the legislation we craft is the reason we won those victories in the first place. I'd like to talk about this reality a bit...

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2007/08 Governor's Races

Nobody has looked at the impending governor's races for the next two years yet, so here goes.  Three state houses are up for election in 2007 with 11 more to come in 2008 (including Vermont and New Hampshire, the two states that still elect their governors to two-year terms.)

A quick rundown of the seats:

Solid R: Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah
Likely R: None
Lean R: Vermont
Tossup: Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Washington
Lean D: Kentucky, Delaware
Likely D: Montana
Solid D: New Hampshire, West Virginia

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